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Title: Seeking my Newman Relatives - and DNA testing
Post by: on February 07, 2015, 09:41:01 AM
My mom's maternal line is Newman.     My mom's mom was Lena Newman who
married Samuel House Cohen.

Lena's parents were Harry Newman who married Sarah Meister.  Harry's
Hebrew name was Aharon, thus he was also known as Aaron Newman.

As I research the four branches of my family - father's parents and
mom's parents, I am trying to collect genealogical DNA tests from a
2nd or 3rd cousin of each branch.    I've collected from all but my
Newman line.

I have an active family tree on I'm happy to share with anyone.

If you have tested and are, or might be, connected to my family,
please reach out.

If you have not yet tested, please let me know.    The test is   and
they do NOT collect any medical information.

If cost of the test is an issue, I'm am happy to work this out with you.

I have tested with and am srehrlich there; 23andme and am
Scott Rand Ehrlich there; Family Tree DNA and am Scott Rand Ehrlich

I am F316712 on

My mom, my direct Newman connection, also tested with Family Tree DNA,
and is Margery Cohen Ehrlich.   She is also F327640 on gedmatch.

Please reach out.   I want to hear from you!


Scott Ehrlich, Winchester, MA - email: