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Title: Thanking Michal
Post by: Maliclavelli on April 18, 2014, 11:38:12 AM
I thank here Michal for his post on Anthrogenica not being able to thank him there because suspended for one month, and above all for saying this: "Whether this is intrinsically related to some characteristic features of the R1b-L11 haplotypes (like for example a specific combination of some STR results that are more likely to oscillate around some "fixed" values), is hard to say without undertaking some advanced studies in this particular direction".
I remember that all my theories presupposed this, my golden principles:
mutations happen around the modal
there is a convergence to the modal as time passes
sometime a mutation goes for the tangent
rarely there are multistep mutations
All my theories about the time of expansion of R1b1 and subclades presupposed this.
And when he says this: " I would rather like to point out that there are not many cases of any apparent population replacements in any part of Western Europe (within a discussed period), while Central-Eastern Europe seems to have undergone such significant population replacements on at least several occasions" probably it could be in line with my theory of the "Italian Refugium".