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Title: My recent autosomal DNA test experience
Post by: Libby Hobbs on March 17, 2014, 05:03:12 PM
Prior to having my brother's Y-DNA and Family Finder DNA tested with myFTDNA I had mine tested with  Surprisingly enough, I received the results this past Saturday and have spent almost every waking hour studying the information.  At first I was in INFORMTATION OVERLOAD!!  What do I do with all of this information?  I received ~ 11,800 predicted matches.  WOW!  It took me most of Saturday to figure out the process on ancestry, but after awhile, I finally got the hang of it.  I bet you are asking yourself, "Did she learn anything that she didn't already know?"  Well yes and no.  Of all the 11,800 potential matches, I only knew 1 person.  A 2nd cousin whom I had known all of my life.  I did receive a second match in that category but her file was locked and I have sent permission to see her file, but so far no answer.

If you are interested, here are my thoughts about my experience:
1.  Have a general idea of what you are looking for.  If not you will go crazy trying to make sense of all of the information.
2.  Be focused and stay on track.  Again, if you don't you will get confused and find yourself going in circles.
3.  If you are going to have your DNA tested and expect to compare your results with others, don't be selfish and lock your files. 
4.  Realize that there are some folks out there that have done their research and are not particularly interested in helping you with yours.  Try not to get upset at them.  Maybe they were having a bad day.
5.  Take notes and stay organized.  If not you will find yourself extremely overwhelmed as your email responses begin to come in. 

My conclusion:  Doing the autosomal testing really didn't help me much.  I am really anxious to have the results from my brother.  We did Y-DNA 37 along with Family Finder.  I am anxious to see what is uncovered. 

Anyone else out there with similar experiences?