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Title: 2 Kearneys Married 2 Kennedys
Post by: debbkb on January 23, 2014, 01:02:41 PM
I am attempting to trace my lineage in both my Kearney and Kennedy ancestors.  What I have learned so far is that two sons of Patrick Kennedy (born 1785) married two daughters of Connor Kearney (c. 1785).  Patrick Kennedy was married to Sarah Corrothers, and Connor Kearney was married to Honora Corcoran.  The families resided in the Upper and Lower Barnhill area of Lacken, County Mayo, Ireland.  I am interested in tracing back in their ancestry.  I am making an educated guess that Patrick's father might have been the David Kennedy listed in the Flax Growers of 1796 in that area, but I have no further information.

Going forward in time, Patrick and Sarah Kennedy's son David Kennedy (born 1814) married Mary Kearney (born 1818), and they immigrated to the United States (c. 1846).  I am descended from their line, and have a great deal of information on their descendants.

Patrick and Sarah's son Martin Kennedy married Barbara Kearney, and they remained in the Barnhill, Lacken, Ireland area.  From what I can ascertain, they had three children, Patrick (Patt) (born c. 1854), John (born c. 1858-31 July 1931) and Catherine (born c. 1862).  Martin apparently had died by the time of the 1901 Irish census.

Martin and Barbara Kennedy's son Patrick married Mary (Maria?) McLean on 12 June 1902 in Ballycastle Parish, Ireland, and they had at least one son, Patrick Joseph Kennedy (born 1908).  I would love to find out if he had descendants.

I don't think Martin and Barbara's son John married.  He is listed in parish death register at St. Bridget's Catholic Church in Ballycastle, Lacken, County Mayo.

Martin and Barbara's daughter Catherine married Anthony McLean (brother of Mary).  Catherine and Anthony had a daughter named Mary Kate McLean (born 1904).  I am interested in learning if she has descendants, too.

Any help in tracking these County Mayo ancestors and their Irish descendants would be appreciated.