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Title: Our Joyce Ancestors
Post by: Laurie Joyce on December 07, 2013, 09:20:37 PM
Hi All

I've mentioned to a number of people that I want to start mapping our ancestors through time and place and see where we may intersect.  I intend to pull it all into a spreadsheet to start with and see if we have clusters of people whose ancestors coexisted in the same place.  As well as those have joined the Linkedin Tribe Joyce network, I will ask the same of those on the Facebook page, others who I correspond with via email as well as members of he Joyce DNA Project

So I would like you all to add comments in this thread in the format that I will do for my own ancestors here.  If you are happy to have other people contact you then please also add an email address.

Here is my direct Joyce Line.

Laurie Joyce born 1957 Coburg, Victoria, Australia; son of
Allan John Joyce born 1928 Merlynston, Victoria,  Australia, died  2006 Warrandyte, Victoria Australia; son of
William Joyce born 1885 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia,  died 1974 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; son of

John Henry Joyce born 1853, New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia, Died 1928, Merlynston, Victoria, Australia; son of

Michael Joyce born 1828, Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, died 1855 New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia; unconfirmed son of

Thomas Joyce born circa 1810, Moycullen, County Galway Ireland (unconfirmed); unconfirmed son of

Luke Joyce, born circa 1790, County Galway.

I can be contacted at

Title: Re: Our Joyce Ancestors
Post by: Laurie Joyce on December 08, 2013, 02:47:21 AM
Hi Folks

I see that there have been 12 views here since I posted this today but no responses.  Please at least check in even if you can't provide the information straight away.  I'm getting lonely :)


Title: Re: Our Joyce Ancestors
Post by: Pjoyce123 on December 12, 2013, 11:23:15 AM
Here you go, my first stab at providing some information.

Paul Joyce born 1964 Chicago, Illinois, USA; son of John T. Joyce born 1930 Chicago, Illinois, USA died 1997; son of Thomas E. Joyce born 1904 Chicago, Illinois, USA, died 1943; son of John Joyce born 1871 Chicago, Illinois, USA died 1941l; son of Thomas Joyce born abt 1836 Ireland, died aft 1880.

Since I have quite a bit of history for my family in Chicago, IL both on my father and mother's sides, I have spent most of time filling in the blanks back to 1870s as quite a bit of information is available for me.   Now I need to begin to tie it all back to Ireland.   As I get more info, I will share.   

I can be contacted at

Title: Re: Our Joyce Ancestors
Post by: darrenj on December 25, 2013, 09:51:24 PM
I think I'm correct - except the irish part is still unconfirmed. Still only a few days into my research. From me up the tree:

Darren Joyce, born 1977, Blackburn, England; son of
Michael Joyce born 1947, Clitheroe, England; son of
Joseph Joyce, 1911-1985, Clitheroe, England; son of
James (Henry?) Joyce, Born 1866 Birmingham, England; son of
John Joyce, 1831-1917 Mayo County, Ireland; son of ?

From my research it looks like John Joyce thread left Ireland around 1858-1860 at a guess.

I haven't been able to find anything on John, except he had 10 kids and was married to Mary (surname possibly Foy)

Early days still for me... :) I'm getting seriously addicted to this.