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Title: Confirming paper trail with DNA
Post by: APPLEGATE_J on August 27, 2013, 01:02:02 PM
I am waiting for the results from an autosomal SNP test that I took to confirm an ancestor, Mary.  Years ago I had taken an autosomal STR test for the same purpose because it was suppose to be deep.  I thought that the STR test had confirmed that Mary was either not Native American or Mary was not my ancestor, and then I found out that the data set used excluded Eastern Natives.

I had been told early on that my father’s line had Native American in it.  It did not mater to me till paper let me to Mary.  Mary, about 1695-1726/70 Feb, is one of my seventh great-grandmothers.  She lived in Monmouth County New Jersey and is of the Algonquin speaking Lenni-Lanape according to the work Applegates in America by Hugh Vorhees.  She lived during the period when a lot of the surviving Lenape migrated out of the then English colony of New Jersey.

I am thinking that the best I can do with the autosomal SNP test results is to connect with others that think they descend from Mary, since she is eight steps from me (too old).
Are there other uses for the SNP data as it pertains to Mary?
Paternal: R-L2 English
Maternal: T2b sub 15 probably English

Title: Re: Confirming paper trail with DNA
Post by: APPLEGATE_J on September 16, 2014, 10:43:36 PM
I've had a small success supporting the the unsourced ethnicity of Mary at GEDmatch. Using the 3D chromosome browser I was able to locate a small half matching block that was shared with another descendant of Mary.  Then using the chromosome painting I found a small spike of Amerindian that was in common to both of us. I think that is just great, but it is not measurable.  Is there another tool that will give me a quantitative analysis rather than a graphic one?