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Title: What does "Orcadian" actually mean... in Genetic Genealogy??
Post by: supertigerCH on August 18, 2013, 08:14:57 PM

Hello everyone.

My father just received his "Family Finder" test results back... from Family Tree DNA.

It identifies him as about 55% "Orcadian"

While I have heard this term before (in the context of Genetic Genealogy)... I never imagined it would ever apply to my dad. Both sides of his family come from Northeastern Europe as far back as any of them can remember.

While his Family Finder / Population finder results did say he was 45% "Northeastern European (which makes sense)... this seems like an amazingly high percentage of Orcadian, which FT DNA identifies as "Western European".

This has forced me to learn more about what the term "Orcadian" actually means. I know the people who live in the Orkney Islands (Scotland) are sometimes called Orcadian. However, in an ancestry test... this term cannot just mean the people from this tiny group of islands. Right?

The FT DNA map that shows my dad's results... colors the islands of Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) and Ireland in blue... to represent Orcadian origins. What exactly does this mean though? Are there any ethic groups today in Europe that would be a good example?

Can anyone help give me a clear explaination... of what European populations(s) are being referred to... when Family Tree DNA says Orcadian?

Title: Re: What does "Orcadian" actually mean... in Genetic Genealogy??
Post by: rms2 on August 19, 2013, 08:42:47 AM
From what I have read, "Orcadian" is just FTDNA's stand-in sample for the British Isles. Almost everybody of British Isles ancestry gets a good chunk of "Orcadian" on Population Finder. It doesn't mean one is actually of Orkney Isles ancestry, however. It's just the closest population FTDNA has to the autosomal profiles most of us have.

As FTDNA adds more representative results from the British Isles in the future, we should get more specific outcomes.