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Title: Houston we have a problem
Post by: osburrw on July 09, 2013, 12:22:32 PM
  I recently had the mtDNA full sequence test. The results are in and the HAPLO group established T1a2. I gather that the mutation G7853A is the indicator used to establish the "2" in T1a2. My question evolves from the discovery that Mark a grandson of Alfreda [half sister of my mother] has the HAPLO T1a . I wonder if this could be a difference in the level of testing or between companies doing the testing. I also wonder if the science is so new that the previous testing would not have "2" added . If Mark's HAPLO group stands as is, it would bring into question mother's maternal line ? A warning should be noted here ; my sister is currently getting the full sequence mtDNA  test if the results are not the same as mine ,we will have a much larger problem.