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Title: Brian McEvoy's 2006 paper's data
Post by: Newragh on March 04, 2013, 07:17:48 PM
I was wondering if anyone had any insights into the data published on Brian McEvoy's TCD page about his 2006 study which began the Niall Noígíallach (R-M222) interest.

Last weekend, I found an FTDNA surname project for my name through's surname page, but was disappointed to learn that the last time the individuals in the project and I were related was when the Italo-Celts waved good bye to the Germans somewhere around Austria several millennia ago (GD = 24). They are L48/S162.

My name is very uncommon, except in County Louth, Ireland and there are no others in FTDNA or Y-search but my father's cousin and I. Buy there are 19 of my surname, normalized to Haughey, in the 2006 McEvoy paper.

John McLaughlin of the R-M222 list, and I believe McEvoy himself, identified 14 of 19 as R-M222. So I looked at these 14 Haugheys and 5 Dunleavys who were also R-M222 and got a lot of very close matches.

But, my question is this. Does this mean anything at all? Or does it just mean that we are all R-M222? The number of STRs tested was so small, (16), that I wonder if any genealogical conclusion may be drawn.