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Title: Haplogroup R1b - lineage II
Post by: LMBone on August 16, 2012, 04:29:06 PM
There are 3 of us listed in Haplogroup R1b- lineage II who all descend from John Bone, Jr b. 1772 Cumberland Co., PA.  We are reasonably certain of that.  We think we know our lineage on back to William Bone who came to the US in 1692 as documented in the two volumes of The History of the Bone Family of America.  Dr Robert G. Bone in Volume I suggests that the lineage extends back to Normandy before the Norman Conquest which fits with this haplogroup.  However, we are aware of people who we also thought descended from that William who's DNA has them in totally different haplogroups.  So either they do not fit this line or we don't.  I would like to figure out which is true.
 I would be very interested in corresponding with the two members of Haplogroup R1b - possible lineage II.  That is, Kit #184955 and Kit N17065 as our match with those two people is reasonably good but not quite as close as that among the 3 of us in the lineage II group. 
Larry Bone