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Title: U106 SNP Special
Post by: wing_genealogist on August 08, 2012, 02:11:50 PM
As many people are aware, getting people to test for the downstream clades can be a challenge. All too many folk accept the "red" haplogroup designation assigned to them by FT-DNA. For many clades, this is currently the biggest problem in trying to determine the ages for the clades (ie most folks have not actually tested for their SNPs)

The FT-DNA R1b-U106 Research group has recently advertised a one-time, limited promotion. They are offering to use money donated to the project to partially subsidize ($5) SNP testing for folk who are U106 or L48, but have not tested any further. 

Anyone interested in receiving this  (which is only for the U106 clade as it is funded by the project) must join this haplogroup project ( and have tested at least 67 STR markers.

Anyone requesting more information can contact me by PM here.