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Title: discussion
Post by: galah3 on June 30, 2012, 04:37:02 AM
Hi Agnew friends. We should get a more active discussion going now that we have quite a few people tested for their ydna.

I am interested in how the Agnew clan divides into I2b1a R1a and R1b haplotypes. It gives us a great start for looking at Agnew who have the same haplotype.

All the Scottish and Irish clans seem to have been multi origin , the Gaelic people adopted and fostered as a strong tradition and acknowledged illegitimate children as a point of honour with little shame attached to any party.

As the Sherriff Agnew are from Galloway at least since Middle Ages the clan would  have accumulated people with Anglo Saxon, Bernician, Pictish, Cruithne, Norse, Gaelic and British Celtic ydna. But the orignal Agnew may have been O Gneeve from Northern Ireland, perhaps though originating  in Argyll from  the McDonnell clan.

Anyone got any thoughts on this.

What do you think?