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Title: Gilbert Drew (1732-1812) of Putnam Co., NY - was he REALLY a Drew?
Post by: JamesA on March 14, 2012, 01:50:06 PM
   We are like many researchers who have had great success in finding lots of descendants of a person, but hit that proverbial brick wall when it comes to finding ancestors.  Our brick wall is Gilbert Drew, b. April 11, 1732 (birthplace unknown) and d. March 26, 1812 in Putnam Co., NY, bd. Drewsclift Cemetery, Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.  These dates are from his gravestone.  It should be noted that the bible of his son Thomas (which appears to be in Thomas’ handwriting) indicates that Gilbert was born in 1730 (no month or date).
   I am James A. (a descendant of Gilbert through his son Gilbert of NJ).  My dna results were surprising to say the least.  They do not match any of the other Drew results, including the Plymouth line.  My 3rd cousin was also tested, with the same result. 
   We are hoping that someone from one of the other son’s lines will be tested so that we can compare those results.  Did the deviation come in Gilbert Jr.’s line; was Gilbert Sr. really a Drew???   

   Our Drew family database contains over 10,000 people in it who are directly related to Gilbert (either descendant or by marriage).  There are about 3,000 more who are probably related, but we cannot prove (lived nearby our known relatives, etc). 
   We have another database for the New England Drews and other families – and which includes the families in Westchester Co., NY – which contains another 12,000 people.
   We welcome all hints, suggestions and inquiries.
   Hoping to interest another descendant of Gilbert to be tested, we provide this information on Gilbert’s family: 
   This is Gilbert’s family:  [Gilbert’s Will was written in 1810 and probated in 1812, and names his second wife and all children “William Drew, Isaac Drew, Samuel Drew, John Drew, Gilbert Drew, Daniel Drew, Thomas Drew, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah my daughters”
1-Gilbert Drew b. 11 Apr 1732, d. 26 Mar 1812, Carmel, Putman Co., NY, bur.
  Drewsclift Cemetery, Brewster, Putnam Co., NY
 +Sarah Hunt b. 1733, d. Abt 1771, Carmel, Putnam Co., NY

--2-William Drew b. 22 May 1755, Yorktown, NY, d. 10 Sep 1837, North Salem,   Westchester Co., NY, bur. Old Gilead Cemetery, Carmel, Putnam Co., NY (md. Jane Fowler, dtr of Caleb Fowler).  Several daughters died unmarried; his sons William and Daniel F. went west (to Michigan and Iowa respectively).

--2-Isaac Drew b. 25 Dec 1756, Cortland, Westchester Co., NY, d. 11 Jan 1841,  Connecticut, bur. Upper White Hills Cem., Shelton, Fairfield Co., Ct. (md. Sarah Ferris) .  His sons’ (James and Ferris) as well as daughters’ families stayed primarily in Ct.; his son Gilbert went first to Steuben Co., NY and then to Michigan.

--2-Hannah Drew b. 1758, d. Abt 1845 (d. unmarried as far as we know)

--2-Elizabeth Drew b. 1759, d. 14 Dec 1841, Steuben Co., NY, bur. Old Drew Cemetery, Urbana Twp., Steuben Co., NY (md. Eber Townsend)  Numerous researchers are working on this line.  Eber and Elizabeth went first to NJ, then to Steuben Co., NY; their children spread from there to Indiana, Illinois, Texas – a true pioneering family.

--2-Mary Drew b. 1759, d. After 1812 (unmarried as far as we know)

--2-Samuel Drew b. 7 Mar 1759, Peekskill, Westchester Co., NY, d. 16 Oct 1853,  Urbana, Steuben Co., NY, bur. Pleasant Valley Cem., Hammondsport, Urbana,   Steuben Co., NY  (md. 1-Mary Phillips and 2-Mary Townsend)  He had 12 children in all, and many, MANY, descendants.  This family as well spread throughout the country, and gives us many colorful stories of early pioneer life.

--2-Sarah Drew b. 1765 or 1772, New York, d. Between 1850 and 1860 (md. Abner Phillips, resided in Onondaga, NY – not much is known about this family)

--2-John Drew b. 16 Apr 1767, Putnam Co., NY, d. 22 Mar 1856, Greenbush,  Rensselaer Co., NY, bur. Log Meeting House Cem., North Shodack, Rens. Co., NY.  (md. Anner/Hannah Phillips, dtr of Joseph and Dorcas (Vickery) Phillips.  They had 9 children who resided mostly in New York (Rensselaer, Columbia and Monroe Counties). 

--2-Gilbert Drew b. 11 May 1769, Putnam Co., NY, d. 11 Jul 1855, Vernon Twp.,   Sussex Co., NJ, bur. Longwell-Drew Cemetery, Vernon, Sussex Co., NJ.  (md. Susannah Washburn, dtr probably of Ebenezer and Mary).
   This is our line and extensively researched.  They had 14 children (and perhaps a few more who died as infants).  Their descendants went into Steuben Co., NY and throughout the country as well.

--2-Daniel Drew b. 1771, d. 1771

 + 2nd wife: Catherine Muckelworth Lawrence b. 9 Sep 1758, d. 13 Aug 1842, bur. Drewsclift  Cemetery, Brewster, Putnam Co., NY
--2-Daniel Drew b. 29 Jul 1797, Carmel, Putman Co., NY, d. 18 Sep 1879, New  York City, NY, bur. Drewsclift Cemetery, Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.  (md. Roxanna Mead).  This is the famous Daniel Drew, about whom much has been published.  They only had 3 children, one who died in childhood.  He left no Drew surnamed descendants, and we have not been able to contact any descendants of his directly.  We would like very much to correspond with anyone in this line.

--2-Thomas Drew b. Nov 1798, Carmel, Putman Co., NY, d. 31 Jul 1873, bur.  Drewsclift Cemetery, Brewster, Putnam Co., NY.  (md. Abigail Mead, sister of Roxanna, who were daus of John and Anor (Ballard) Mead).  They had 7 children, but we think that there were no Drew surnamed descendants in this line.

Title: Re: Gilbert Drew (1732-1812) of Putnam Co., NY - was he REALLY a Drew?
Post by: Rob Drew on July 17, 2014, 08:19:22 PM
We have a recent test result, supporting the Gilbert Drew line.  Will Drew, kit number 338169 is reasonably close to the two previous tests in this lineage group.  Will is descended from Gilbert's son Samuel, whereas Jim is descended from son Gilbert Jr). 

I'd like to see more tests for the John of Plymouth line, but at present Gilbert does not appear to be related to either John of Plymouth or William of NH.


Title: Re: Gilbert Drew (1732-1812) of Putnam Co., NY - was he REALLY a Drew?
Post by: steade craigo on October 27, 2014, 04:16:31 AM

My GG=Grandmother was Mary Ann Drew, the daughter of Rufus Baldwin Drew and Mary Ann Buck. She was descended from a John Drew and Eunice Leffingwell  Baldwin.  The Drews are found later in Steuben County, NY and in
adjacent counties, as are the Baldwin family.   This John Drew seems to our stone wall.

Mary Buck Drew married Barney Ballard French and lived in Plainfield, WI.  Sadly, both parents died during 1879, leaving the several children to raised by relatives and an older sister.

Does this Drew=Baldwin=Leffingwell=Huntington family link into any Drew lines you know?



Title: Re: Gilbert Drew (1732-1812) of Putnam Co., NY - was he REALLY a Drew?
Post by: Horton1954 on January 31, 2015, 12:19:35 PM
Check the results for kit number 372656 on FTDNA, a Y37 test that matches Drew surname kit 130004 at 1, kit 90882 at 2, and kit 338169 at 4 (results just in). Also matches two Brown surname kits at 3 and one at 4 (see below).

The test subject is my second cousin, the direct male descendant of William Wenk b 1869 in Livingston County , MI.  William was adopted as an infant and raised by the Wenk family.  Until recently, we had no idea of his actual lineage as the papers were destroyed per family legend.  We do strongly suspect that he was born in the local area (it was 1869 after all). William Wenk (WW) is also my great grandfather.

A few months ago, I received a match on ancestry DNA for a Lee Vitale at the 4 to 6 cousin level, and a 3 to 5 match for her with my mother on the same site.  LV is the great grand daughter of Archibald Drew and Daisy Drew through Daniel Drew (listed on the patriarchs page here for kit 338169).  Her only connection to me at the time of the match was that she was descended from a family that was present in Livingston County in the 1860-1870 time period, so I assumed that either the father or the mother of WW was a Drew.

So I located and convinced my second cousin to do the test, and now we have the results.  Closer to a J-M172 Drew than anything else, but also very close to a line of Browns.  So when I saw the subject line about is Gilbert Drew 1732 really a Drew, I thought wow, maybe he is a Brown??

At this point I don't know for sure whether WW was fathered by a Drew, and if so, which one, there are two families there with several men of the correct age each.  They all end up going back to Samuel Drew 1760, son of Gilbert Drew 1732.

We are going to expand the test to Y67 and add Family Finder, so as to load to GEDmatch.  Love to hear from the Drew forum members.

The other obvious complication is that the matches in this group are from the J-M172 haplogroup, which is rare for English ethnicity folks (so not many applicable matches).  Much more common around the Mediterranean.

Tom Horton

Title: Re: Gilbert Drew (1732-1812) of Putnam Co., NY - was he REALLY a Drew?
Post by: JamesA on February 02, 2015, 05:15:15 PM
Hi Tom (and Ken), and welcome to the party!  Yes, you are most certainly descended from Samuel Drew (Mar 7, 1759-Oct 16, 1853 Steuben Co., NY) and Mary Townsend (Nov 12, 1773-June 3, 1840).   The only question would be, through which son?  Could be:
Gilbert (1792-1856 Texas - but a few of his sons ended up in Livingston Co., MI)
Townsend Windsor (1810-1882 Marion Twp., Livingston Co., MI)
Noah (1815-1890 England, but lived in Livingston Co., MI)

I'm sending you a rather lengthy email discussing the possibilities. 

Title: Re: Gilbert Drew (1732-1812) of Putnam Co., NY - was he REALLY a Drew?
Post by: Horton1954 on March 11, 2015, 02:50:30 PM
This is a follow up to the prior posts, to finish the record.  With the kind assistance of Nora Drew, and some cross comparisons of autosomal DNA testing, we now know that my great grandfather William Wenk b 1869 was the son of either Milo or Howard Drew.  They are both sons of Zebulon Drew and Lucy Sheldon (the Sheldon connection to my autosomal results confirms Lucy as the mother and she only had two sons). Zebulon is the son of Gilbert Drew b 1792.
The mother of my William Wenk Drew is unknown but DNA clues are being followed.

The issue of Gilbert Drew b 1732 being a Brown or something else as a result of the scary close DNA match between his Drew line and the Brown group has been resolved for the moment.  Out of surname matches, even as close as 36/37, are not at all uncommon according to the Brown surname admin.  We only confirm our William Wenk Drew as a Drew because of the circumstances of his birth in close proximity to the Drew family mentioned above.

Title: Re: Gilbert Drew (1732-1812) of Putnam Co., NY - was he REALLY a Drew?
Post by: wmwerd on August 25, 2017, 08:48:54 PM
I am Will J Drew b. 1927  My DNA test # is 338169 and a direct decendant from Gilbert Drew b. 1732 and Samuel his son.  Note: Samuel had one wife, Mary Townsend.  There are so many Gilberts and Samuels unless  birth dates are listed with each name, confusion results.  The marriage information of Gilbert b. 1732 to his wife Sarah Hunt was lost, destroyed or not yet uncovered from the records of old Dutches County now Putnam Co. N.Y. The mixture of Orange Co N.Y. and adjacent New Jersey becomes complcated even more because a number of the Drew relatives moved to Steuben Co New York. I have been knocking at the Gilbert Drew b. 1732 WALL since the 1940's.  Doors in this wall have not opened. No  one answered my KNOCK.  I have read of others who simply connected the dots and landed on the Mayflower.  My connection to Gilbert Drew b. 1732 is by way of records and numerous documens. Is it posible to obtain a "live" DNA sample from the remains of Gilbert Drew b. 1732?  I have visited the  Drewsclift Cemetery.  The  last visit was in October 2016. It looks like  a development is being developed there.  Some one is doing maintenance of the Cemetery.   Sincerely, Will Drew