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Title: The Cattaraugus County Drew's
Post by: Rob Drew on March 08, 2012, 07:23:51 PM
Cattaraugus County in western NY was home to a large family of Drew's beginning about 1820, when Elijah Drew Sr and his sons moved there from Vermont.  Elijah's sons were:  Noah  b 1790, Elijah Jr b 1795, John b 1801, Joseph b 1802, and Elisha.  Two daughters were Charity b 1805, and Eunice b. 1810.  They lived in or near the town of Little Valley.

Each son had a fairly large family.  Some moved on, and others stayed.  Notably, John Drew m. Nancy Hough, and they raised a large family in Little Valley.  Some of John's descendants can still be found in the area.  Elijah Jr also had five sons, and after the early death of his wife, Lydia (Smith), he took the four oldest sons to settle in Allen County, Ohio.

Lineages to the Cattauragus Drew's are fairly easy to trace, but Elijah Sr remains a mystery.  He is believed to have been born in NH in the 1760s, and to have married Betsy Holmes in Barrington, NH in 1785.  Their growing family can be traced using census records in northern VT, then moving down and across NY.  However, there is no record of Elijah's parents.  It has been popularly believed that he is a son of Zebulon Drew.  Recent work by Bill Drew of NH makes a strong case for Clement Drew, Zebulon's cousin.  There is also some suggestion of Elijah Sr being a descendant of John Drew of Redding, Connecticut.

Several descendants of Elijah Sr are participating in our Drew surname project, and hopefully the y-DNA trail will eventually help reconnect Elijah Sr and the Cattaraugus Drew's with the older branches of their family tree.