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Title: John "B" Burns 1681 Descendents
Post by: Dave Burns on March 01, 2012, 04:28:14 PM
After getting my results from my Family Tree DNA-37 Test, I find that I am related to other Burns in the study, but NOT to the Burnses listed as Descendents of " John B Burns 1681 PA ",  on the Burns Project DNA Results chart. 
I would like to hear from others who are descendents of John "B"(his mark) Burns 1681-1760, buried in Rocky Spring Cemetary,Chambersburg Pa.
If I can establish I am not a descentent of  his , I can start looking elsewhere.
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Title: Re: John "B" Burns 1681 Descendents
Post by: David Burns on March 19, 2012, 10:08:38 AM

FTDNA shows that I(226866) am closely related to two other people in the Burns Project.
See 'Project Results'
We all three independently trace our ancestry back to Laird Burns(1st) abt.1716 PA/SC.
Laird Burns(1st) had three known sons in PA and/or SC.
Laird's sons were : John Burns abt.1740, James Burns abt.1746 ,and Leard(Laird)Burns abt.1756.  (no John "W")
Two of us related project members traced our ancestry back to above brother John Burns 1740.
The other member (related to us) traced his ancestry back to above brotherLeard Burns abt.1756*.

We NEED any descendant of the above James Burns1746 to get YDNA Tested and join our Byrnes/Burns Project. If anyone knows a James1746/related researcher , Please tell them.

"IF" we find that descendents of all three sons are related it will pretty well clear up any nagging doubts about Laird 1st's. known sons. (don't like loose ends)

* FWIW. Researchers over the last few decades have tried to connect a 'George M Burns b.1801NC' as a son to Leard Burns b.1756. No one was ever able to do so.

As there is a DNA connection to three modern Burns and they all find a common ancestor in Laird Burns 1st. And one of them traces his ancestry back through "George M Burns b1801"and Laird (2nd)1756 son of Laird 1st.  
It appears to me that at least likley, that George M is the son of Laird 2nd.
See Google " George M Burns Family Bible"
Now thats cleared up We can all sleep a lot sounder . (((;

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Title: Re: John "B" Burns 1681 Descendents
Post by: David Burns on August 23, 2013, 10:42:36 AM
New DNA Match Burns Project.

KiT#293989 who traces his ancestry through Rev.Laird Burns 1784 toJames Burns 1746 to Laird Burns 1716 son of John "B" Burns 1681 Pennsylvania. And still resides on/near the original homestead settled by Rev Laird Burns and Mary Polly Weir in the SW.

Thus far we have four modern Burns' who independently trace our ancestry back to the only three sons mentioned by Laird Burns 1716 Penn/SC and are connected 36/37 DNA.

Kit#293989 back to James Burns1746 Penn/SC
Kit#226866 back to John Burns 1740 Penn/SC
Kit#64707   back to James Burns 1790(John Burns 1740) Penn/SC
Kit#229446 back to Leard/laird Burns 1756 Penn?/SC
All three sons mentioned in Laird Burns 1716's  SC will.
laird Burns 1716 ,himself being the only son mentioned in the Penn. Will of John "B" Burns 1681-1760.