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Title: Hyatt Immigrant
Post by: Carolyn McCloskey on February 04, 2012, 12:40:33 PM
We have traced our family to Charles Hyatt son of Sir Charles Hyatt III who married lSara Tewksbury, son of Sir Charles Hyatt II born in 1650 and married to Mary Preston.  There is much confusion from then on.  Was he born in Anne Arundel, Maryland or Oxford, England.  Same with Mary.  Was his father Sir Charles Hyatt from Somerset born in 1625?  One source says he and Mary emigrated in 1665 on the Ark and Dove.  The greatest confusion is with Thomas Hyatt born in 1611 who emigrated to America in 1634 on the Bonaventure. He died in Stamford CN in 1656.
Married to Elizabeth Russell????  or is this Thomas married to Kathryn Parsols?
The Hyatts in my family were in Maryland until the move by Hezekiah to Burke County, North Carolina.  Also, it seems that Alice Davis, married to Seth Sr. must also have been Alice Duval.  Much confusion on that name.
So who emigrated?

Title: Re: Hyatt Immigrant
Post by: Phil Hyatt on February 15, 2012, 10:57:22 PM
Hi Carolyn:  If you look under Hyatt Patriarchs you will see the family tree of Lawrence Hyatt which goes back to Thomas Hyatt.  You will also see that your Hezekiah Hyatt is also one of his ancestors.  Lawrence is VERY familiar with your family line.  I suggest you contact him at the email address shown next to his name.  He is a very nice fellow and will, I am sure, be very glad to help you.

As for Thomas Hyatt of Stamford, CT, DNA testing of one of his documented descendants indicates that this Thomas Hyatt is in no way related to Charles Hyatt or to the Thomas Hyatt said to be an ancestor of Charles Hyatt.  Charles Hyatt, by the way, was born in Maryland.

Hope this helps. Phil Hyatt, Group Administrator

Title: Re: Hyatt Immigrant; Hyatt annual reunion.
Post by: Phil Hyatt on February 15, 2012, 11:06:27 PM
Carolyn:  In my previous post I said that Hezekiah Hyatt of North Carolina was in Lawrence Hyatt's direct family line.  He is not, however, Lawrence is still very familiar with Hezekiah's family.  Are you aware that your extended Hyatt family has a reunion each August on the Cherokee Qualla Reservation.  It's the oldest and largest Hyatt annual reunion in the Nation.  Lawrence can put you on the mailing list for this year's reunion newsletter, if you wish.  Phil

Title: Re: Hyatt Immigrant
Post by: Carolyn McCloskey on January 04, 2013, 10:09:37 PM
Oops just reading this and getting back to my research.  It would be fun to get to a reunion.  My sister and I are planning to do a trip in October to visit my mother's relatives.  I dearly loved my Hyatt grandfather and resemble my Great Grandmother Hyatt so feel a real attachment to my Hyatt roots.  Lots of family pictures from Texas.Thanks for the help.  My great great great grandfather George Washington Hyatt died on his way to Texas in 1873 and is buried in Hot Springs Arkansas.  Wish I knew the story of that one.  One family story says he had left his wife and was going out to see his sons.  Others say she was with him.  Love those family mysteriesd.