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Title: Featheringill/gales in Virginia
Post by: xd22577 on December 16, 2011, 06:35:08 PM
I am not a big Featheringill/gale researcher, but a LeHew daughter married a William FEATHERINGALE before 1811 when her father died.  she was probably born about 1767 (Gary has it outlined really well on his webpage
"I leave to my eldest Daughter the widow of William Fetheringale, $1,..."

maybe this guy? 
VA Publick Claims page 380 [in Huntington Beach Library] [not in DAR database as of 12/16/11]
William FETHERINGULL for 17 ferriages for Cont. 2s-10.

anyway, I was wondering if any of you  have run into a William Fetheringale/gill who was in the Shenandoah valley, Virginia?  The LeHews were in Frederick & Shenanodah counties and others. 

I've got a couple pages of random notes on various Featheringill/gales that I have run into, in 5 years, most are probably in Virginia, but I am more than willing to share :-)

Thank you for your time!