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Title: The Fields Name
Post by: MFields on November 20, 2011, 02:30:04 PM
Hi, My name is Mike Fields. I have been raised with stories of how the name "Fields" came to be, but was astonished to paper trail the results. I discovered that the stories I grew up imaging about, might actually be true. Tracing my family all the way back to a noble from England and a two or three generation stop in Canada before migrating to United States... Colorado and then to California.

The Fields family name is strong, but like many of us who still search for answers... it's still unsolved. We are Fields, not Field with the added s later. I know my family is also part of the Smith and Lynn family names. If that helps. Oh and, there might also have been an adoption or a person of non-blood that was accepted as family and given the name. I dunno, but might have been an honor thing. We are also not related or part of the slave cotton workers that took the name Field/Fields when granted freedom. That too changed how the name is known in history.

Anyways, I will be getting the DNA test done here soon. I am eager to discover if my ancestors are whom I really think they are. Putting an end to the stories and getting the facts.
Mike Fields