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Title: Knight family in Kentucky/Indiana
Post by: Silent ix on September 13, 2011, 03:54:53 AM
First of all, I apologize if this post is out of place, or done incorrectly.  I am attempting to register and while I have registered, I have not received a registration email and I have no password so??? lol

Second of all, I would love to do a DNA kit, however I am female and I'm not sure if my dad would be a willing participant as he is the only remaining male in my family.  (no grandfathers, uncles, or cousins) However I would love to post my Knight family line as I have run into a relentless brick wall.  I ask the members here if they might help me. The line goes as follows:

-My father (Dennis)

-My Grandmother Helen Knight (b.1918 d.2006 m. Clytus Dennis)

-My G.Grandfather David Lee Knight (b.1891 d.1967 m. Hazel VanBibber) Bn in Henderson KY...Kids are Pauline, Edward, Helen, June, Earl, and 2 living daughters.

-My G.G. Grandfather David Knight (b.1853 d.1933 m. Sarah Bethel) BN somewhere in KY...Kids are John Elliott, Peter, Guy, Polk L., Martha Elizabeth, David Lee, DeWitt Talmaidge.

-My G.G.G. Grandfather Unknown Knight (b. around 1830 in Viriginia) Possibly had these kids: Elliot, Guy, Thomas, David

Thank you for your help,