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Welcome to the R1b and Subclades Subforum! 96
Finding Your Terminal SNP (Or Any SNP) 2
R1b Modals in Ysearch 16
Personal Attacks are Not Allowed 2
Using TinyURL.com 1
SNPs 0
Has been the first LeBlanc "Froilan dit "Le Blanc" de Briennon b.900 AD (about)"? 0
Worth of Oppenheimer, Sykes et. al? / Origins of British people 113
John Gallagher B1794 D1878 Y-DNA :- Haplograph R1b, Subsclade R1b1a2a1a2 0
Iberian R-L21* 454
DYS 481 = 18 0
R1b1b2a* 3
R1b-L21* "true asterisk" DF13- people & DF63 367
R1b-L21: the DF49* paragroup under DF13 70
SRY2627 617
An Albanian or an Italian R1b1b2a cluster? 1
R1b1b2a1a2d3, U152, L2+ 13
R1b 0
CTS4528 4
Question about ancerstry 0
R1b haplotypes with DYS393=10 3
DYS455 = 10 ??? 1
Another subclade of R-L23 or R-Z2105 6
R1b-S14328 < CTS4528 / DF100 Project 1
One Million British Men Descended from Romans 0
R-P312/S116 xL21 file updated 1
To Serdar on hg. R-L51 7
S17862/S17864 1
Sir Osbern le Gardynyr, the Knight R1b1b2 DNA 38
Gashi and the janissaries 0
CTS4528 - S1211 - S6868 SNP's 1
DF19: a new SNP under P312 53
SNPs Question 0
Rethinking Risso's haplotype 1
Our L23 Ancestors - Svombo 167
R-Z220 2
It was L150 and now it is YSC0000072 11
Post Your List of Positive Y-DNA SNPs From the Chromo2 2
A weird Armenian R-M269 0
The case Mangino (46835) 0
The odd link 0
An interesting European R-M73 2
R-L227 in Hindu Kush 0
Guidi and DF110 1
An interesting haplotype from the Isles 0
Another R1b1 from Italy 5
Thanking Seferhabahir 0
The new FTDNA R1b tree 1
About R-L51 0
Ray Banks' analysis of the new FTDNA Y-haplotree 0
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