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Kit Number 258423

Adrian Ballard. -  R1b1a2a1a* R-L11* (P310*) or L11+ (xU106xP312) Y-DNA

FTDNA 37 - R1b1a2a1a - 13 24 14 10 11 14 12 12 11 13 13 29 17 9 10 11 11 25 15 19 30 16 16 16 17



Italian Sample of “ Kit# ED34X -  P310* - Iocco “- dated at 700 years TMRCA but remain speculative at this point.


Possibly Descended from Society Bellardi Lombard Merchants of Lucca


Start of Proven Line



[College of Arms] – “quote” “ No relationship has been found with William Ballard MP for Herefordshire through Thomas Ballard of Letton and related to William Ballard March King of Arms”. Although through my research I have found they were related to the Walsh/Wallis, Hurtesly & Burley/Cecil families as was the following family.


1. John Ballard. Esq. Armiger. of Dewchurch, Herefordshire, Eng. b. circa 1480 Unk, mar Alice Unk.

(Sable a griffin ermine gorged with a crown Or, beak and forelegs of the last. Crest, On a wreath argent and sable a demi griffin ermine beak and forelegs Or supporting a broken lance proper, mantled gules doubled argent.) [College of Arms].

2. John Ballard. Esq. of Lyston Court, Herefordshire. b. 1540 Herefordshire, Eng. mar Anne Jones.

[Ballard decent from Lord William Burley(Cecil, Sysilt].

3. John Ballard. Esq. of Bedwardine, Worcestershire, b. 1586 Herefordshire, Eng. mar Margaret Inchethorp

4. John Ballard. of Monmouth b.1626 Tretire, Herefordshire. Eng. mar Godley Williams. 

5. William Ballard. b. 1660 Monmouth, England. mar Elizabeth Unk

6. George Ballard. b. 1696 Monmouth, England. mar Mary Unk

7. Joseph Ballard. Soldier, b. 1727 Monmouth, England. mar Ann Rawlins. 

8. William Ballard. Soldier, b. circa 1750 Bristol. England mar Ann Lusty. 

9. William Ballard. Soldier, b. circa 1770 Gibraltar. mar Hester Hyatt. 

10. William Ballard. b. 1804 Bristol, England. mar Susanna Alexander. 

11. Edward Ballard. b. 1832 Bristol, England. mar Mary Ablett

12. William Ballard. b. 1858 Bristol, England. mar Harriet Farrant

13. Edward Ballard. b. 1880 Brstol, England. mar Dorothy Dring

14. John Ballard. b. 1926 Bristol, England. mar Rosalind Russell. 

15. Adrian Ballard. ballardgen(@)




For the past 20 years I have been conducting a one name study for the name BALLARD collecting primary source documents and secondary refs to build a mass of Ballard family tree's - I have discovered several independent lines that now are apparent genetically. I have traced my own family back to John Ballard of Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire on the Welsh border of England born circa 1480 The links of decent that I have added here previous are speculative and have been added as having collected all the documents and refs I can find they fit here until such times as they are disproved.









Name of Project: R1b1a2a1a P310* L11* (P312- & U106-) DF100+

Kit Number: B6530

Name of Participant: Bryan W. Stedman

Email of Participant: blindgoose(@)

DNA test participant descended from:


1.  Isaac John Stedman b. 1605 Biddenden, England; m. Elizabeth Winchester

2.  Thomas Stedman, Ensign b. 1639 Scituate, MA; m. Mary Watson

3.  Thomas Stedman, Jr. b. 1669 Roxbury, MA; m. Mary Trowbridge

4.  Joseph Stedman b. 1710 Brookline, MA; m. Mary Corey

5.  John (aka William) Stedman b. 1735 Roxbury, MA; m. Sarah Mills

6.  William Stedman, Deacon b. 1767 Weston, MA; m. Cynthia Gardner

7.  John Stedman b. 1794 Hebron, ME; m. Patience Morse

8.  William R. Stedman b. abt. 1815 Maine; m. Harriet E. Lovejoy

9.  Melvin Augusta Stedman b. 1858 Maine; m. Sarah Martha Woods

10.  William Roland Stedman b. 1905 Spencer, IA; m. Clara E. Young

11.  Wayne Bernard Stedman b. 1929 Stacyville, IA; m. Eleanor L. Vollrath

12.  Robert William Stedman Living

13.  Bryan Wayne Stedman Project Participant, Living






Name of Project: R1b1a2a1a P310* L11* (P312- & U106-) DF100+

Kit Number: 211617

Name of Participant: George F Walker, Jr

Email of Participant: <knicktrainman(@)>

DNA test participant descended from:


1.  Thomas Walker; B. ca 1750; Lincolnshire, England; m. Ann Dickenson (Not Proven)

2.  Thomas Walker, b. ca 1781 Lincolnshire, England, d. aft 1841 England; m. Sarah Marsh

3.  John Cook Walker, Sr. b. 31 Mar 1810 Sutton St James, Lincolnshire, England, d. 30 Dec 1897 Oakland, Alameda County, CA.; m. Sarah Abbey

4.  Charles Edmund Walker, Sr., b. 22 Dec 1842 Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada d. 24 Dec 1879 Woodstock, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada); m. Ellen Nicholson

5.  David Clement Walker, Sr. b. 30 Aug 1879 West Oxford, Oxford County, Ontario, Canada d. 19 Mar 1953 Veterans Hospital, Bath, Steuben County, NY); m. Mary Augusta King

6  George Francis Walker, Sr. b. 16 Jan 1915, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ d. 9 Sep 1955, Lowell, Middlesex County, MA); m. Harriette Estelle Knickerbocker

7  George Francis Walker, Jr.; Project Participant; Living





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