Each of the Monaghan-Monahan Surname DNA Project Pedigrees should identify the Earliest Ancestor and the researcher.   By correlating test results and pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.

Each participant is asked to submit his paternal pedigree for the Monaghan-Monahan Surname DNA Project.  Please send your file to the project administrator via the link on the Project Home page.


Patrick Monaghan (1827-?)

Born - 1827 in Ireland 

Arrival - 1853 in Brant Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

m: Denise Denny (Dennie)  1835-1926

Died - ? in Florida, USA

  M-7 (jmonahan AT magma.ca)





Paul Monaghan b: 1841 in Ireland, d: 7 Aug 1888 in TX

m1: 1877 to Mary Flynn

  Paul Emmitt Monaghan b: 22 Aug 1878 TX, d: 27 Oct 1879 TX

  John Louis Monaghan b: 6 Apr 1880 TX, he disappeared after 1920; last known residence was in Stanislaus, CA.

m2: 1882 to Felicie Vienne

  Richard Vienne Monaghan b: 19 Aug 1883 TX, d: 3 Mar 1937 TX

  Richard Paul Monaghan b: 10 Jul 1909 TX d: 26 Feb 1996 TX




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