Featured Projects

Sorry, but this listing is no longer maintained, but we have continued the display of this page for whatever value it may still provide.  Note: Information may have changed over time.

WorldFamilies.net is proud to support these fine projects
Surname Project Administrators
Projects with over 200 Members
Phillips H. Phillips, Nancy Kiser
Thompson Katherine Borges & Mary Lee Becker
Barton Terry, Richard & Gary Barton
Cook Jim Cooke
Allen Dick Allen, Tamera Valdez
Smith-WorldWide Marie Plummer
Projects with over 100 Members
Hull Jim Hull
Mitchell Sara Allen
Sinclair-St.Clair Steve St Clair, Stan St Clair
Byrne Paul Burns
Myers Doug Jenkins
Hodges Ron Hodges, Terry Barton
Projects with over 50 Members
Crawford Kevan Crawford
Hart Lewis Hart
Sullivan Shanna Jones
Banks Ray Banks
Russell Lezlie Markey
Harrison John A Harrison
Dunbar Debra Nowell
Carr-Kerr John Carr
Byrd Steven Bird, Sherry Johnson
Gibson Valentine Van Zee
Pugh Daniela Moneta
Sykes Art Sikes
Yoders Chris Yoder
Woodward Rosemary Winkler
Terry Mike Terry
Peterson Teresa Tighe
Burton Libby Siskron
Eaton Philip Converse, Jimmie Eaton
Hood Clyde Hood, Joe Hood
Stiles Owen Stiles
Black Michael Black
Gunn Cheryl Gunn Maxwell; Mike Pearson
Conner Marie Plummer
Herring Earl Herring
Shaw Kathy Shaw Decker
mtDNA Haplogroup Projects
U5 Linda Jonas
J-Star John S Walden
T_FGS David Pike, Elizabeth Kipp, Sjana Bauer, Terry Barton
mtDNA-T Sjana Bauer, Terry Barton
mtDNA-T1 Terry Barton, Sjana Bauer
mtDNA-T2 Elizabeth Kipp, Terry Barton, Sjana Bauer
Geographic Projects
Germany DNA Project Ed Martin, Steve Dilks
VA-1600s Derrell Oakley Teat, Terry Barton