The Family Finder Test

Autosomal DNA (atDNA) - The Family Finder Test

The Family Finder (also called atDNA) test helps you find family across all your lines, up to 6 generations back, by checking hundreds of thousands of points in your autosomal DNA and comparing your results with others  in the Family Finder database.

Family Finder testing is for both males and females. 

  • Linked blocks of DNA across the 22 autosomal chromosomes are matched between two people.  The degree of matching yields evidence for the relationship.
  • With the Family Finder, you may extend the power of genetic genealogy to all your ancestors.

    • Discover connections to descendants of all 16 of your great-great-grandparents.
    • Your results are compared against the FTDNA Family Finder database.
    • Your list of matches is sorted to allow you to focus on near or distant cousins. 
    • You will be able to contact your matches by email.
    • FTDNA notifies you by email when you have new matches. 
    • Many adoptees find Family Finder helpful.
  • Adoptees can use the Family Finder test to match to male and female cousins from any of your family lines.

    • You may be able to discover Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings and Cousins
    • If your parent or grandparent was adopted, the Family Finder test may help you find their birth families.
  • Family Finder tests can integrate with your FTDNA Surname Project to take it to the next level.

    • Branches in a family tree may be better defined.
    • Close yDNA and mtDNA matches without traditional records may be assigned to a pedigree with greater confidence.
    • Female cousins with a Family Finder test can join a surname project as additional evidence of relationships. 
    • Those with close or perfect yDNA or mtDNA matches can now untangle their relationships.

Learn more about the Family Finder Test at Family Tree DNA

To order a Family Finder Test:

  • If you have already been tested at FTDNA, go to your personal page at FTDNA and click "order tests and upgrades" in the left sidebar.

    • You may be able to use the sample you have already submitted if there is a large enough sample still available.
    • FTDNA will let you know if you will need to submit another sample, and will send you the test kit.
    • FTDNA will work hard to find a way to perform this test on existing samples of persons previously tested for a family line who are now deceased. 
  • If you have not been tested at FTDNA, click here to go directly to the Family Finder order page.

    • There is no difference in the price of the Family Finder test whether ordered through a project or independently.
    • There is no difference in the price if the Family Finder test is ordered in addition to an existing test.

If you have other questions about the Family Finder test, contact FTDNA directly at (713) 868-1438 or email