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FTDNA and are not the same company, but we work together. 

Some folks are confused by the close relationship between Family Tree DNA and  We are not the same, but we work together. provides support for surname projects that are based at FTDNA. 

Family Tree DNA is the largest genetic genealogy DNA testing company in the world.  When you buy your test from FTDNA, you gain access to the largest and best DNA database for genealogy in the world.  Because of its long history in and knowledge of DNA testing for genealogy, FTDNA offers their customers the best resources available anywhere, including DNA Projects, a personal page for their own DNA test, and a vast amount of information about your test in particular and DNA testing in general .  Take the time to look over the tools and information available to you.  More information about FTDNA grew out of Terry's experience as a pioneer in genetic genealogy and in administering DNA projects. provides free websites for any project at FTDNA to be used instead of or in addition to the FTDNA Project websites.  We also administer many FTDNA projects where no family member has stepped forward to manage the project, and we help administer many projects where the administrator needs some help with the administrative tasks.  In addition, offers a great deal of information for DNA testees and for Project Administrators.  More information about

Both FTDNA and Provide Important Tools!

DNA Testing for Genealogy is a new and exciting field for genealogists.  It takes a while to understand the process and to find all the information that is available to you when you take a DNA test.    Getting the most out of your DNA test requires more than just swabbing your cheek and waiting for the results.  There are many things you can do to improve your chances of success.  Fortunately, both Family Tree DNA and have some tools that make it easier for you to explore all your options.  

Don't ignore the help that is available to you.
Taking a DNA test and neglecting to use all the tools to get the most useful information from it is like planting a seed and neglecting to water it, weed it, and fertilize it.  You may be successful, but you haven't done all you can to nurture your effort.  Using your tools, whether for gardening or genetic genealogy, gives you a better chance for success. 

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