2009 Conference

I haven't had the time to writeup my thoughts about the 5th International Genetic Genealogy Conference hosted by FTDNA in Houston on March 14 & 15, but saw a writeup that Doris Wheeler (Worden, Southworth, Palatine and Willour Project Admin). Doris graciously has allowed me to reprint it here. (Thanks, Doris!)

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Which Company?

I am getting questions from potential project members about the tests offered by a company that advertises heavily.   If you face the same question - as project administrator or project member - perhaps these comments will be of some help to you. ... Read more


I have just returned from the 5th Annual International Genetic Genealogy Conference in Houston, which is sponsored by FamilyTreeDNA. There were about 200 attendees (the number each year is limited by the size of the venue). It is amazing to be in the midst of this many researchers who are so passionate about their genealogy and so focused on learning how to become better surname project administrators. ... Read more

Improved website

To our Project Administrators:

I appreciate your patience as we work through this latest round of improvements to the website. We hope to have all of the glitches out soon.

Here are three pieces of news I wanted to share with you: ... Read more

Upgrading yDNA

OUR SAMPLES - One of the great things that Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) does is to store our samples for "25 years". I put "25 years" in quotes because no one seems to know how long the sample will actually be viable - but the belief is that it will be "at least" 25 years. So - if your uncle Bill is the last remaining male in your surname family, or if Aunt Susie is the last remaining daughter or daughter's daughter of Dad's paternal grandmother, it's time to get them tested - so that you'll have that precious family dna as time goes on and our older generation passes on to their Reward. ... Read more

DNA in Genealogy

Terry Barton explains the usage of DNA in genealogy.


It's been interesting to watch my personal evolution in testing - and to see how similar it is to other folks. ... Read more

Improved Website

We are pleased to mention that we have made some improvements to our website over the past couple of days.  Hightlights:

1. Project Pages

  • Now use the full screen width
  • Removed the (confusing to some folks) WorldFamilies menu bar
  • Added HTML Upload capability to mtDNA and Discussion pages

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The Chosen

When I started seriously persuing my ancestry a number of years ago, I came across this poem.  I called it "The Story Tellers" - until I recently learned that the author called it "We Are the Chosen".   (A reader tracked this down and let me know - thanks!)   And - thank you, Della M Cumming! ... Read more

The Future ...

One of the thoughts that strikes me from time to time is the future - and what will it be?. That's a really difficult thing for me to imagine - as we have all been at this for such a short time. Bennett Greenspan created the first practical usage of dna testing for Genealogy in 2000 - not even 9 years ago. At that time, his new company, FTDNA, offered the most markers for a yDNA test - 12! And, the price was higher than now - though I don't know the amount, as I wasn't an early customer. ... Read more

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