No Matches?

We are starting a new feature on our blog where we answer questions from members that we think might be useful to others. We’re also planning on highlighting some of our success stories. If you have one to share, please let us know! We’d love to have your feedback on what you’d like to see in this space and we’ll try to keep adding to our archives.

To start off, we have a question that comes up more often than we’d like: what should you do if you don’t have any matches to your yDNA test results? ... Read more

"Family Finder"

"Family Finder" - FTDNA's newest product offering - now in Beta Testing

Updated March 11, 2010

I am getting a lot of questions about FTDNA's "Family Finder"; so let me see if I can answer at least some of them. ... Read more

Drag Your Bait!

John Shepherd, Project Administrator for the Shepard Project (see the project's website here: ... Read more

mtDNA in Surname Project?

Should I include mtDNA results in my surname dna project?


As the number of mtDNA tests has exploded in the last year, and as FTDNA is more able to find matches for those who have been mtDNA-tested, many project administrators are facing the problem of what to do with those people who join your project with only an mtDNA results. ... Read more

Christmas Presents That Give the Past

When you reach a certain age, there are so few things you need or want for Christmas.  Most of us, by middle age and beyond, have all the trinkets and doodads we could ever want, and if we do desire a new gadget or clothes, it's doubtful someone else can pick it out as well as we could ourselves.  ... Read more


In my opinion, it's time for another major advance in marker testing levels!  We're overdue - not only being able to test more markers - but in being able to uniformly order them and then to compare them ... Read more

Buyer Beware!

More and more, it seems that we see headlines which scream "Buyer Beware!"  The latest one is in the New York Times today.   That one is headlined "Buyer Beware of Home DNA Tests".   A reader may think ... hmmm ... my yDNA or mtDNA test is a "home" dna test - so I should beware.  Actually, I think you should always seek to learn more - as the best consumer is the aware consumer.  However - the article is addressing a completely different type of test - tests which look at medical conditions.  ... Read more

No Matches?

I just answered an email who asked how long it would take to get matches - since he had an uncommon surname. Here's my answer: ... Read more

Upgrade Sale

FTDNA Upgrade Sale - Time is Short!

This is a great chance to upgrade your yDNA test(s), as FTDNA has only ever offered a sale on upgrades once before (in my memory) ... Read more

Which Test

Which Test?

Bottom Line: 37 markers for $149 through a project ((plus $4 to $6 s/h)

Here's the story: The cost of testing continues to come down. As you, your family, your research team, or your project members face the question of "which test", don't be penny wise and pound foolish. The 12 and 25 marker tests really should be going the way of dinosaurs! They are STUPID choices for a new order.

Let's look at the group rate prices (ordering through a project): ... Read more

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