R-L196 is a Subclade

FTDNA just released the new YCC Tree.  The L196 SNP found in my DNA has become one of the new Subclades in the R1b Haplogroup!!

We are now:  R1b1a2a1a1b3c2 - or R-L196, a Subclade of R-L2

I am a little stunned.  One of my dreams has been to see the Haplogroups extended so far in detail that they actually come into the Genetic Lineages.  We actually have realized that!

So far, we have found 94 men who fit into this genetic family that we call Barton Lineage I.   Our goal now is to connect with another genetic family who shares L196.

Adopted? How to use DNA

I just provided a man with this answer about how to use dna for genealogy when you are adopted. ... Read more

Success Story - with a twist

Today, I did another DNA for Genealogy presentation - my second in 8 days.  This was my 5th time to do the DNA segment for our local Genealogical Society's "Beginner's Workshop".  Each time, my talk is a little different - and today, I included a section on the newest dna test for genealogy - autosomal block dna.
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Terry on BlogTalk

Join us tonight 8:00 to 9:30 - Tuesday, March 8.

Have you ever followed a Blog Talk?  (or even heard of one?)  Well, I am very new at this  - but I'll be the guest for Steve St Clair's "SinclairDNA" show on BlogTalkRadio.com  on Tuesday, March 8. 

Click here to go to Steve's BlogTalk Page or use this link: ... Read more

No Matches 2

Since I posted "No Matches" about a month ago, I have been thinking about this issue.  Here is my updated suggestion list for someone with no "No yDNA Matches":

1. See if you can locate a distant known cousin - say 3rd or 4th - the further back the better.  If you get a match, you know you are seeking a match with the "right" yDNA profile.  If the two don't match - your short term quest is "why" ... Read more

Sponsorship Programs

The Barton DNA project has operated a sponsorship program since 2001 and the Hodges-Hodge project started a Society in 2006 which now operates its sponsorship program. The Cooper project is under new leadership, setting up a site at WorldFamilies and including a Sponsorship Program. I would guess that a number of projects operate some sort of sponsorship program.

Obviously, a significant number of Surname Projects are in the Sponsorship Program mode - even if it is Ad Hoc and just for the WDYTYA? (Who Do You Think You Are? meeting in London) each year. ... Read more


Many ISOGG members, Project Administrators whose project sites we host, friends, and other genetic genealogy colleagues have their own Blogs, FaceBook pages and Twitter accounts.

You are welcome to hit "Add New Comment" and list your own Blog name and url, your own Facebook account(s), your own Twitter account (if you use it mainly for DNA and Genealogy) and any Groups that you recommend.  Feel free to give yourself a "plug" and describe your focus or speciality

Here are some Facebook groups that we recommend: ... Read more

Facebook, Twitter, and More!

We at WorldFamilies are now on Twitter, blogging, and have a facebook page!  We're joining the social media revolution because we think its going to help us share the exciting ways that DNA tests can add to genealogy.  Equally as exciting, we hope its a way to hear more feedback from the genetic genealogy community. ... Read more

Evil Empire?

Have you ever heard the term - "EVIL EMPIRE"???   Of course you have.
Star Wars!

Have you heard it applied to Genealogy?  Probably.  And who would that be?  hmmm.

I got a chuckle out of this blog which addresses one small aspect of the overall situation:


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