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Congratulations to the winners of the FTDNA myGroups "Alpha Contest".  Franklin project took first place by averaging just over 3 posts per member.  Congratulations also to MacFarlane and Finland projects, who tied for second place.

I understand that myGroups will be rolling out to all FTDNA projects soon

TiP: a poor tool

Actually, it's not really the Tool that is a problem - but the interpretation people make.  (and there are no instructions on the TiP pages)   I regularly see folks with a yDNA test who are completely misusing and misunderstanding the FTDNA TiP tool.  If I had my choice, only Project Administrators could access TiP info (which would not prevent mis-use - but it would reduce i).  That may surprise you - so here's why I say that:

There is NO BASIS for talking about needing a certain % or number of generations when using the TiP comparison tool.  ... Read more

FTDNA-the choice

I am asked pretty regularly where to test and who is the best testing company.  Richard Hill has listed his "Top 10" reasons for choosing Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) at


I have known Richard for a number of years and think highly of him and his Genetic Genealogy work. 


More Chaos

FTDNA just started providing their long form haplogroup again.  ... Read more

T-SNP - My Fix

Terminal SNPs - arrghhh! 

I actually like the idea of working with Terminal SNPs (called T-SNPs for the rest of this blog).  But - without a companion "long form" Haplogroup to give them meaning, they are confusing and difficult to use.

After puzzilng over this for a while, I came up with my solution - one that will be used on Project Results tables at WorldFamilies that are prepared with our Results Tool. 

My solution is to provide two columns: ... Read more

Sinking Ship?

You have probably heard by now that ancestry.com is abandoning its yDNA and mtDNA customers.  Sigh.  It's actually the third time that ancestry has abandoned a yDNA effort - so we can't be too surprised.

If you are one of the abandoned yDNA customers, you don't have to go down with the ship - you can jump into the Life Boat being provided by Family Tree DNA.  Folks with a yDNA or an atDNA test at ancestry.com can move to a professional DNA testing company - Family Tree DNA.  Here's a link to arrange your transfer: ... Read more

Using T-SNPs

Note: I am calling Terminal SNPs "T-SNPs" so that the label will fit into a smaller space

Many researchers are finding that two men who they know to be closely related have different T-SNPs (Terminal SNPs) and they are asking about this difference.

First - let's talk about the color of the reported T-SNP ... Read more

Terminal SNPs

FTDNA has released their new yTree and is transitioning to reporting Terminal SNPs.  This is two major changes at one time - which is creating a good bit of confusion.  In my opinion, Terminal SNPs are fine - as long as we continue to use some version of a companion long form so that we can recognise where a SNP falls on the tree.  (Even with the regular changing that has to occur to a long form to keep it current, having it is much better - and less work - than not having any easy reference.)

Issues that I see: ... Read more

Gleason Family

It is my privilege to rub shoulders with many of the best and brightest genetic genealogy researchers in the world.  A number of the administrators we support at WorldFamilies are a part of this special group. 

Today, I'd like to recognise one administrator in particular - Judy Gleason Claassen, administrator of the Gleason Surname DNA project for the past 5-1/2 years - and a Gleason researcher for many years.  She has just published her research and made this announcement today to her project members.

Terry ... Read more


I fairly often get a query from someone who has a number of matches - but their matches are with other surnames instead of matching their own surname.  This posting isn't going to delve into the "why this happened" - but addresses the "how to deal with it".  (of course, the eventual goal is to understand how, why and when this happened)  ... Read more

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