Which Test

Which Test?

Bottom Line: 37 markers for $149 through a project ((plus $4 to $6 s/h)

Here's the story: The cost of testing continues to come down. As you, your family, your research team, or your project members face the question of "which test", don't be penny wise and pound foolish. The 12 and 25 marker tests really should be going the way of dinosaurs! They are STUPID choices for a new order.

Let's look at the group rate prices (ordering through a project):

12 markers - $99 (plus $4 or $6 s/h)
25 markers - $124 (plus $4 or $6 s/h)
37 markers - $149 (plus $4 or $6 s/h)

Upgrades - $49 from 12 to 25 or from 25 to 37. (uses the sample on file)

So - if you buy a 12 marker test and later upgrade it, here's your cost:

25 markers - $99 + $49 = $148 (plus $4 or $6 s/h)
37 markers - $99 + $99 - $198 (plus $4 or $6 s/h)

You'll spend an extra $24 to $49 by starting with 12 markers!  Similarly, a 25 marker test for $124 plus a $49 upgrade, means that you paid an extra $24 to take the two step approach.

So - you say - "I'll buy a 12 or 25 marker test and not upgrade".  Poor choice!  A 12 marker test is rarely ever enough for genealogy!  False matches are "Legion" at this level. And - even 25 markers - long considered the first level of adequate markers for matching - is now being challenged by too many false matches.  Don't count on 25 markers if your match is with a different surname and be careful of "23/25 or betters" when there was no reason to expect a match - as it might be false.  Go into testing with the realization that you'll need at least 37 markers for genealogy and that you will likely go to 67 or more at some stage - and you're being prudent.  Going in with the expectation of "getting" by with 12 is a real mistake.  Some folks will "get by" with 25 - but many will not.

So - if you want a recommendation - start with 37 markers!

What about 67 markers? It's $99 more to order them initially or $99 to order them later. It's cash flow versus wait time. Either way is the same cost.

And - what about ordering outside of a project? The penalty for going it alone - or being so un-aware that you don't know what you should pay is staggering. Look at those costs:

12 markers - $149 (plus $4 or $6 s/h)
25 markers - not available
37 markers - $259 (plus $4 or $6 s/h)
67 markers - $349 (plus $4 or $6 s/h)

Your extra costs for ordering outside a project are $50, $110, $101 as you consider 12, 37 & 67 markers. Buyer beware!

We recommend ALWAYS buying through a project - even if you have to start one (or you can get us to do it)

Hope this helps. Terry

It does

help, I mean. I wish I had seen this advice when I began.

It does

Glad to help. Wish there was a way to get the info to everyone. Terry

DNA match with Derrell Teat

Dear Mr. Teat:

I took a DNA test from Family Tree and they say I have a 25-2 match with you. I was wondering if we could correspond and see if there is a connection between our families somehow.

I have been researching the Calvert/Gibson families and I saw that you contributed some information to the Gibson Timeline. Could our connection be through the Gibson family?

My 8th great-grandfather was Christopher Calvert of Accomack County, Va. He sailed to America in 1636 at the age of 36 and died in 1682. His descendants then moved to the VA mainland.

There is a possibility that George Calvert of Quantico Creek in Stafford County was a son of Christopher. George had a son named John Calvert of Deep Hole Farm. And John Calvert had a partner named Jordan Gibson who was born a slave.

I believe George was the father of both John Calvert and Jordan Gibson. That is why they were partners.

I'm also trying to see if there is a connection between Jordan Gibson of Deep Hole Farm and Gideon Gibson. He was married to Mary Brown and lived near Plumtree Island, NC before moving to Sandy Bluff, SC with the Colson's, Turbeville's, and Mulkey's and Long's. (These families also lived on Plumtree Island).

Records show Gideon Gibson was a Chickasaw Indian trader. So were Abraham and Joseph Colson and Joseph Calvert.

My 5th great-grandfather was Joseph Calvert. He moved to NC and settled at Plumtree Island in 1721.

My research indicates that Joseph Calvert was the father of James Logan Colbert of the Chickasaws.

Does any of this sound familiar?


ydna testing in England

I have corresponded with a person in England who is married into the Hinton family in Wiltshire. I am urging her to have her husband, father-in-law, or sons to be tested. She sent me a note this evening saying that the cost in England is much higher than the US and she can't afford it. She said the cost quoted was about 200 british pounds (I believe for 37 markers).
Oral tradition has it in my family that her husband's family and I could very well share common ancestors, but through lost connections.
Short of sending her money to pay for the test, I wonder if anyone has knowledge of any reputable ydna testing service in the UK (or Europe) that is less expensive?

Richard Hinton

Comprehensive Analysis on my Mtdna deCodeme

Dear Terry please could you tell me how l can find someone who is qualified to give a Comprehensive Analysis on my Mtdna by deCodeme,on the forum l noticed a member who has had this test done by Dr Ann Turner but there was no e-mail address etc to contact her..l would be grateful for your advice etc.Thankyou.