Improved website

To our Project Administrators:

I appreciate your patience as we work through this latest round of improvements to the website. We hope to have all of the glitches out soon.

Here are three pieces of news I wanted to share with you:

1. I will be explaining our Project Websites at the FTDNA Conference in Houston this weekend.

I will have a table setup in the Hospitality Room on Friday evening.

On Saturday evening, I will make an informal presentation using screenshots and a live internet connection to show you how to use the WorldFamilies website (timing TBD - but probably Saturday evening around 7:30. Check with me on Friday.)

We will have an Administrator’s Guidebook on hand to give to any of the administrators who are at the conference. All the information in the Guidebook is also on the website, but many of us still prefer a paper copy.

(If you cannot be at the conference, email Marilyn with your mailing address and we’ll send you a copy.)

2. The WorldFamilies Information Pages about using the editing tools, posting pedigrees, and posting results have been updated on the website to explain any changes and any new tools. Please take a few minutes to read the information there:

Edit Your Project’s Website

Posting Pedigrees

Posting Results

3. We have added (or adjusted) some features to the websites we think our administrators will like:

Home Page editor—now lets you choose Project Name and Description to be displayed on each project page. Also lets you choose which pages you want to include in your project’s website. (used to be in a separate editor called "Configure Project")

Page Editor on Patriarch, y-Results, Join Project, mtDNA, Discussion, and Help—Lets you rename any of these pages. (For example, Discussion could become Newsletter) The new name for the page will appear in the menu bar across the top of pages.

The left sidebar now includes a block just for your project: (These tools will become more useful in creating a community of researchers who are following your project and would like to be kept informed when we add more of the planned improvements)

Track Project: this link will become a way for interested researchers to join your surname community, even if they haven’t tested. For now, it provides a link to the project website whenever logged in..

My account: Important tool for admin: lets you choose how you want your name and email address displayed on Project Pages.

##Members Tracking: a list of researchers who are tracking this project. Will become a way for the admin to email all of them. Also contains the tools where you designate another person as your co-administrator.

My membership: allows you to see projects you are tracking Invite Friend: lets anyone who finds or uses your website invite a fellow researcher to visit the sign and sign up to track the project.

The "Upload" feature is now on every page except the home page, order page and the forums. You can create your page in any program you like, save it as an HTML file, and upload it to the page. I'll be sharing news from the FTDNA Conference soon, and give you further updates on the website as we make more improvements. Terry