Improved Website

We are pleased to mention that we have made some improvements to our website over the past couple of days.  Hightlights:

1. Project Pages

  • Now use the full screen width
  • Removed the (confusing to some folks) WorldFamilies menu bar
  • Added HTML Upload capability to mtDNA and Discussion pages

2. Forum

  • Admins have improved moderator status on their Surname Board(s)
  • Made Links more visible on the Forum (for our Newby users)

3. Editor

  • Added filter to remove "?" generated in "HTML Upload" (reload if you have "?")
  • Installed an better editor (you'll still edit HTML files and then reload them)

4. Our WorldFamilies pages

  • This Blog
  • And an assortment of minor tweaks

We are still working - More Fixes and improvements are in the works