Improved Website

We are pleased to mention that we have made some improvements to our website over the past couple of days.  Hightlights:

1. Project Pages

  • Now use the full screen width
  • Removed the (confusing to some folks) WorldFamilies menu bar
  • Added HTML Upload capability to mtDNA and Discussion pages

2. Forum

  • Admins have improved moderator status on their Surname Board(s)
  • Made Links more visible on the Forum (for our Newby users)

3. Editor

  • Added filter to remove "?" generated in "HTML Upload" (reload if you have "?")
  • Installed an better editor (you'll still edit HTML files and then reload them)

4. Our WorldFamilies pages

  • This Blog
  • And an assortment of minor tweaks

We are still working - More Fixes and improvements are in the works



new look website

The new look has a few problems.  On the results pages, on all 3 of my projects (Amy, Moler, Short) it has deleted the column lines between 19/391, 485a/485b, 464d/460, 442/438.  The far left border (the left border of the "ID" number) has disappeared.  Blank rows that were between nonmatches (as on Short) have disappeared, and now the whole page look cramped together.  Maybe the elimination of the rows was to save page size, but it makes the page look jumbled. On Moler, it has run the blank lines and the lines above (as M-2 and M-3 and the lines below) into one box, with no divsion.

Rick Saunders

Problems with Results display

Rick, please try uploading your Results page again.  It's possible that our importation of your results page from the old structure to the new caused the compressions.


I don't have anything to upload.  I don't have Excel, so I couldn't use the template I was originally sent.  Since all the projects were small, with infrequent results, I just  updated each on the page.  That doesn't seem to work now, as adding rows, etc. doesn't work like it did before.

more problems

I looked at the edit page for the Patriarch's Pages, and instead of being the editor that was there before, it is just a jumble of html code. I then went and looked at the results pages, and the editors have disappeared and are replaced with html code pages. Right now, I am feeling VERY frustrated and LOST, and like I can no longer do anything for any of my projects.

Broken Editor

Sorry! We found and fixed this glitch while ago. It should now work for you.

Improved Website


Thank you for the updates to Our website.  Many of these details were on my wish list, but I hadn't had a chance to send those to you. In the future, I hope to take some time and share those thoughts now that I have had feedback from my Group members (pro and con).

I  now realize how important it is to optimize the interface for regular users as well as to present a friendly face to the New Users we wish to  recruit to our projects. If I had to pick one issue however, it would be the initial posting by a new potential member to the forum. I would rework the "Pedigrees" tab on the Project toolbar ( along with a standardized button near the top of the Projects Home pages) that might be called "Post Pedigrees"  and would link to a very simple page that permitted the new user to paste in their pedigree and register as a forum user all at once as simply as possible. The system behind it could then pass that info on to the forum which would handle it. This activity is the first thing folks do to be involved at WorldFamilies and it must be OBVIOUS and SIMPLE; some of my folks have been frustrated with this basic initial activity.

We appreciate your efforts and Wish You and the WorldFamilies Staff a great New Year in genealogy !

Regards,   Bob HB,  Jolly Project Admin.

Newbies and Posting Pedigrees

Bob, we are giving you the ability to name your project pages - so you'll be able to change "Pedigrees" to "Post Pedigree".   As there will be more room in the menu bar, we'll probably make that a default change.  (thanks)

hmmm  We are making a number of changes and probably won't have time to work on your idea of merging new registrations and pedigrees - but I'll put it on our list of possible future improvements.

We appreciate the need for obvious and simple.  It's amazing how hard that is to do - when the skill sets of the users vary so much.  We are working to improve this - but often only recognise how great the challenge is to newbies when we get a specific comment.    We continue to hunt for something the newby can understand and navigate without burdening the experienced web user and/or the knowledgeable dna user.


Results page

The new site looks great but where is the results page? I am still getting used to it.

Thank you,


Where's my Page?

Hi Roseanne.  Not sure - but it should still be there.   Try reloading the page.  It's possible that your browser or service provider is caching your web pages to spped things up.  Try holding doen the "shift" key while you click "refresh" or "reload" to see if that brings up a current page.  It also helps when you tell me specifically which page - as I can then check for myself that it is really online.


Editing Gone on Patriarchs Page

Hi Terry,
I just tried to post a pedigree to my Ards Project Patriarchs Page, and once again, their is just computer code, and no tool bar.
Mary Lee

this should be fixed now

The editor was missing on geographic and mtdna projects, but it's back now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

More Ideas for Future Rounds

Sorry if this is a bit packed, but I wanted to quickly get this posted today.
Just some thoughts for consideration. -----

More Menu consolidation, sequencing (usage and parse considerations), and augmentations: -----

Move "Post Pedigree" to left of "Join Project"; encourages new persons
to engage who might be put off by encountering the "Join" tab first.
Move Order to right of "Join Project", (similarity pairs)
"Help" then ends up at the most Right, a standard placement.
Conserve menu tab space with Drop Down menus in tabs ??
Example: Remove "Forum" tab at right and expand "Forums" tab on left with
Drop-down menu having the projects forum page as default upon direct tab click.
Forum DD Menu eg:
Project Forum
Family Boards
General Forums
Special Forums
CSS demos at:

If possible, "Join" tab would auto-label to Project surname...
( I have seen this done and it is great. Page -specific labels on buttons and widgets etc helps people focus who do not have the "web-mindset", as often is the case with many of the folks engaged in genealogy having come from an older generation that learned web "modality" and "context tracking" later in life.)
Now, from my BIG wish-list: ----

I have been able to encourage new recruits and improve motivations by leading members to their Haplotype migration maps. It would be exciting to have a "MAPS" tab and page to post those maps.
( just linking into FTDNA maps would be easy, and pages edited in
WORD 2003-7, saved as HTML, would be simple for us to manage.)
Later, if we could get migration pattern overlays form FTDNA, we could merge
the paths onto a single project map, and then edit in J-5 style member IDs on the paths. I would be glad to help work on the design/layout if you'd like.

Thanks for encouraging our feedback and and considering our comments.
As a new admin, I am still quite excited about reaching out to those folks that are ready to take that next step and enter into the world of DNA-Genealogy.
Regards, --- Bob HB, -- Jolly Project Admin.

Login Problems for WFN forum pages

Since the upgrade, I am having problems with logging in to post and edit the WFN forum pages for the 9 projects that I am running.
I can login and edit the other web pages for the projects, for example, the Patriarchs Page, but the project forums do not recognize that I have logged in.
Today I can post at this particular page, but not the rest of the forum. The forum is currently showing me a "Welcome Guest. Please Login or Register" message
Terry is aware that I am having this problem, and we are trying to figure out what is happening.
My question is, are any other project administrator, or member of the public, having this problem with logging in and using the WFN forum pages?
Mary Becker

Login Troubleshooting

Synchronizing the WFN main site and forum logins is tricky, because in effect we have to tie two entirely different log-in systems together.

We've tried to streamline the process by requiring all logins to be made through the WFN main site. This will set a cookie on your system which should be respected by the forum. I recently made a change to the site that will automatically forward you to if you leave off the www, which could potentially resolve some remaining issues.

If you are still having problems, it may be due to the cookies on your system not being set correctly. Try these steps to remedy:

1. Ensure that your browser is accepting cookies from
2. Log out of whichever site you are logged in to (either forum or main site)
3. Try to log in from the login link on the forum.

4. If this still doesn't work, try clearing all browser cookies and then try again from step 2.

Converting Discussion Page to Newsletter - Problem

As was discussed at the Conference, I just attempted to convert one of my project's "Discussion Page" to a "Newsletter" Page. I went into the Edit, and changed the page name to "Newsletter." I Set the editing choice to "Choice 1, Your Custom Text." I then deleted the existing content of the Discussion Page, which was the standard default test. I typed in the Newsletter, and hit the Save button. The new Newsletter content could not be saved. This was the message from the page:
"This Content Has Been Modified By Another User, Changes Cannot Be Saved."

Strangely, the new page title of "newsletter" was saved, but not the content that I had typed in.

Mary Lee

Converting Discussion Page to Newsletter - Problem Solved

I just figured out the problem that I had with converting the Discussion Page to a Newsletter page.
The problem with having the content of the Newsletter page saved, was that I had tried to delete the existing content of the standard content text of the previous Discussion page. I went back and tried again, this time leaving the existing default content in place, and just posting the Newsletter above it. I hit the Save button, and the new Newsletter page was saved.
Mary Lee