First Post!

I have been meaning for some time to start a blog - sharing my thoughts and insights about this exciting field that many of us call Genetic Genealogy.   Well, the time is now - and this is the place.   While these will be my thoughts - it will be your place, too!  Anyone logged in to WorldFamilies can post comments.(please be polite and on topic)

Here are some thoughts:

- you can post a comment, reply, or additional information about the subject I wrote on

- you can ask a question - for me (and other bloggers) to answer

- you can share your own thoughts about a different topic in your comment (if it makes sense, I may turn your comment into a new posting)


Terry will write about new

Terry will write about new developments in genetic genealogy, share his suggestions for running a successful surname project, and offer opinions on some of the issues faced by project administrators.  His blog should be a good addition to the website, and we hope it becomes a source of good information for anyone interested in using DNA testing for genealogy.

Your Video

Ahh, now I have a face to go with the name. Nice to meet you Terry and to hear more about your DNA experiences.

Also thanks for posting the The Chosen Ones. I presume there would be no problem with my publishing it in our local genealogy publication as long as I credited the author.

Mary Alice Newsom Dell