Testing Discount Codes

FTDNA has issued a $100.00 discount code for their Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) test Big Y.  The code is [color=red]BIGY100[/color] and will be good through Sunday, 11 October 2015.  The ordinary price of this test is $575.00, so the discount will reduce that to $475.00.  This is a good discount, but the price is still pretty high for most of our budgets.  That said, this is essentially a "one and done" test for your yDNA testing.  It will give you all your SNP mutations, both "public" (reviewed and accepted by someone) and "private" (sometimes also called "novel").  Many people recommend that you download your file after you receive your results and pay an additional $50.00 to have your results analyzed by one of the expert DNA interpretative companies.  I have seen examples of YFull's reports and they are very elaborate, including showing results for 479 STRs in addition to all your SNPs.  Moreover, you can send your file to the Big Tree and have your results posted with a large number of other men where you can see how you fit in.  From what I understand, this will complete your yDNA testing, at least for now.

One Member of our Project has taken the Big Y test.  We owe a debt of gratitude to these pioneers because they are discovering the unknown SNPs which get added to Haplotrees that the rest of us can then test for in our Kits.  In addition, the mutations discovered by these tests bring SNP testing potentially into the realm of genealogical time where STRs reside.

To order this test click on the blue "Upgrade" button in the upper right corner of your myDashboard page.  Be sure you remember to enter the discount code in the appropriate place.