Additional SNP Packs Released

Family Tree DNA has released 12 additional SNP Packs to join the R-M343 Backbone test they offered recently.  Six of these are for Haplogroup R men:  R-CTS4466; R-M222; R-Z18; R-Z253; R-Z255; and R-Z283.  Three are for Haplogroup J men:  J-FGC4302; J-FGC8712; and J-M267.  There is one Pack each for the men of Haplogroups G, I and N:  G-M201; I-S12289; and N-M231.  The current cost of all of these tests is $119.00 with two exceptions, J-FGC4302, like R-M343, presently costs $99.00.  You can order these tests by clicking on the blue [Upgrade] button in the upper right corner of your FTDNA Dashboard page, then clicking on the blue [Buy Now] button under Advanced Tests on the left hand of the subsequent screen.  In the filter, select SNP Packs and the 13 should appear.  You can also click on the Y-DNA Haplogroup flag in the upper right corner or the [Haplotree & SNPs] button under the Y-DNA section of your Dashboard page to call up the FTDNA Haplotree.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of that page until you see blue hyperlink that says "advanced SNP order form."  Change the Filter from SNP to SNP Pack and you will see the 13 tests.