Tested at Another Lab? Get FTDNA Testing at a Reduced Price!

Family Tree DNA is offering an opportunity for those who tested at other labs to get tested at FTDNA for a reduced cost!

The price for testing, if you can provide a copy of your testing results for verification purposes, is:
Y-DNA 12--$59     Y-DNA 25--$89     Y-DNA 37--$119

The benefit of testing at FTDNA is that you will be able to use all the services and quality assurances of FTDNA to get the most out of your DNA testing, be part of your surname or geographic project, be included in the largest Y-DNA database in the world, be assured of total control over your results, and much more.

Here are our thoughts on the benefits:


For an order form and a list of the Benefits of Testing with Family Tree DNA, click here:  http://www.familytreedna.com/PDF/PROMO_GAP.pdf