How Can I Purchase DNA-PAT™? 

Adrian Williams, an active DNA Project Administrator, has designed an invaluable tool to enable administrators to simply and securely trace participant information, manage day-to-day tasks such as grouping and fund administration, and dynamically publish project results to the internet

Using his own experience and needs as a guide, Adrian has developed a fully featured, web-based project management tool, designed specifically for DNA projects.  World Families Network is pleased to be able to support Adrian and his exciting new tool for administrators. 

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To find out more about this program and its components, read on: 

DNA Project Administrator Toolkit (DNA-PATâ„¢)DNA-PATâ„¢, a web-based project management tool written by Adrian Williams, an active DNA Project Administrator, provides capabilities not found in any other project management, database, or spreadsheet tools. It enables you to simply and securely track participant information, manage day-to-day tasks such as groupings and fund administration, and dynamically publish project results to the internet. Using this software, you can easily sort and organize your DNA results by matched groups, non-matches, pending results and mtDNA groupings. Then, DNA-PATâ„¢ has the capability of publishing customizable, web-ready results page templates that simply "drop"' into your website.

The Next Generation of Genealogy (TNGâ„¢)
DNA-PATâ„¢ can also come with a special optional DNA project version of the The Next Generation of Genealogy (TNGâ„¢)   Note: the special DNA Project version of TNGâ„¢ was modified for this service by Adrian Williams. This is a powerful web-based software program for managing and displaying genealogy information, and it includes the capability to allow participants to upload their own GEDCOM files. Information can be searched straight from the website and web pages can be dynamically generated to show the relation between two individuals, descendancy charts, and other forms of pedigree information in customizeable level of detail. TNGâ„¢ fully integrates with DNA-PATâ„¢ and outputs professional web pages to display the results.* Web Hosting (DNA Families Plus)*  We provide an inexpensive and painless hosting solution that takes away the headaches of software installation.  DNA-PATâ„¢ reaches its full capability when used in conjunction with TNGâ„¢ and a website to display it. Free websites do not offer the capability to install necessary software and most commercial websites cost $50-100 while also requiring you to configure everything yourself. Many users would find this to be a significant barrier.

To address this need, provides DNA Families Plus hosting for DNA-PATâ„¢ + TNGâ„¢ for a low price - you pay for just the features you need without paying for those you don't.  DNA Families Plus includes the installation and setup of all the necessary software, so that your website will be ready to use and you won't have to worry about domain names, software installation, or any other technical issues.

Order all three in one package for $113, which includes one year's web hosting.**  Other packages are also available.

*  The DNA version of TNG will not be ready for several weeks after our initial launch.  If you order a package with it now, we'll go ahead and set up DNA-PAT immediately, then set up TNG as soon as it becomes ready.
** These websites host the TNG and DNA-PAT software only. If you need additional products or services, please contact us.
***Each additional year of web hosting, after the first year, will be $25 for basic hosting, $50 for deluxe hosting..

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