Have you matched with someone with a different surname?

Sometimes surname project participants find that their results match results in a different surname project.? Often, there is a known reason or theory as to why there is a match (adoption, name change, etc.)? Sometimes it is a complete surprise, and the participant wonders what to do next.? We recommend that those who match should be examining paper trails to see if there are any intersection points.? Sometimes, folks can find those and discover a likely story of how they are related.? Many times, they can't.? You can be 37/37 with someone and still not share a common ancestor for 400 years (though that is rare.)? ?You also should be identifying which of these matches has the furtherest paper trail and examine the theory that you all descend from that family - or maybe an older one, with yet a different surname.? There are already some who are saying that you should test at 67 markers when you are trying to confirm matches across surnames.? Generally, more is better.? Terry considers 37 a minimum for this comparison.

Unrecorded adoptions, affairs, unrecorded name changes, ... ,low mutation rates (meaning the common ancestor was further back in time)? are some of the reasons you might share genetic ancestry with someone of a different surname.

Have you matched with someone with a different surname?? What did you do, and what did you find out?

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