Have you been asked the "How do you get DNA from your ancestors" question?

For those just getting started in genetic genealogy, an understandable hurdle is figuring out how we know what DNA our ancestors had.? Some people ask, "Do you have to dig them up?"? You can reassure them that they don't have to go to that extreme to find out their ancestor's DNA.? Males carry the yDNA of their Surname ancestors, so we test them as representatives of their ancestors..? DNA tests are taken from the living and compared among groups of people.? We look for? male descendants who share a common surname or surname spelling variant.? A single Y-DNA test is not that useful, but can be very revealing when compared to known or suspected cousins.? In many cases, yDNA matches among individuals indicate a common male ancestor who may have lived? hundreds of years ago, with the? ?cousins? being completely unknown to one another.? Similarly, we each carry the mtDNA of our mother, and her mother, and her mother, all the way back up the family tree.? Have you encountered this question?? How did you answer it?
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