Requirement to Register and Sign-In is new

Guests can no longer post on this Forum.? You must be a member and be signed in to post.? (you can continue to browse the site as a guest)

I apologise for this requirement - but the spammers have forced it on me.  I was removing 1-5 spam postings per day and some were pretty vulgar.  ? In the 24 hours since I did this, I have rejected 8-10 fake registrations and blocked several dozen attempts to register by known spammers.? If your attempt to register was blocked, please send me an email (click on the white envelope to the side) and give me particulars and I'll figure out how to get you registered and approved.

Once you register, you will be "on hold" until I approve your registration.? During this time, you'll be able to view the site, but will not be able to post.

Once you are approved and registered, you will be able to post whenever you are signed in.

The Forum is a little quirky.? If you come in to a specific page (say your surname pedigree forum) and sign in, you will come out on the Forum home page instead of being returned to the page where you entered the Forum.  (I know this is irritating) ? You can do a search for your surname and then click on the selection you wish to use or you can go back to the site where you found the link and click again - which will take you to the page you were visiting and be signed in.

You may wish to keep the pages that are important to you in your favorites (or bookmarked)? Then, you can easily go to them after registering.?

Also, once you are signed in, you will be recognised when you come back to the site until your visit "times out"? You won't have to re-register during this period if you keep your browser open to the WFN Forum site.