Have you found evidence of a "non-paternity event" through DNA?

Non-paternity results did occur and they may be obvious through DNA testing when the result is being compared in a well-documented family.?
There are several scenarios that fit into the category of non-paternity event.? One, of course, is infidelity, while another common event was the unrecorded adoption.? As there were many adult deaths on the frontier, children were frequently raised by relatives or friends, with the adoptive parents giving the child their own last name.? Where infidelities or adoptions have long been rumored and now proven, there can be some satisfaction.? Where an infidelity or adoption occurred in a well-documented family, identifying it helps in clarifying the DNA profile of descendants.? Where the non-paternity event occurs in a family without extensive documentation, it can be very disruptive and prevent the participant from obtaining matches within the surname.

Have you found such an event in your family, and how did you deal with it?

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