Is your project using "more" markers? (4/3/06)

Some projects seem content to operate at "low" or participant-decided number of markers, while other projects set a minimum number of markers that must be ordered.? And, other projects have clamored for "more" markers.

Here are the marker counts offered by the various companies:

FTDNA: 12, 25, 37, 59
RG:? ? ? ?26, 43
DNAH:? ?23-43
DNAF:? ?0-80
EA:? ? ? ?18

By combining the markers from the various labs, one man can test 93 different markers - for a substantial cost.

The recent offering of 59 markers for $269 (through a project) or $99 to upgrade a prior marker result brings the possibility of comparing more markers down to a much more affordable price.

So the Question of the Week: Is your project using "more" markers?? If so, why? (and how?)