Have you found a flaw in your paper trail through DNA testing? 2/25/06

Terry Barton started researching his mother's family with a wealth of information his aunt had accumulated.? One of the family surnames was Weisinger, which traced back to the Dutch Fork of South Carolina.? When Terry posted his aunt's research at the Wisinger project page, he learned that there was an error in his aunt's research and his paper trail stopped in the Dutch Fork, instead of extending back to the parish of Pforzheim in the northern parts of Baden, Germany.? (There were two Weisinger families in the Dutch Fork, and both used the same given names for their children.) When the DNA results came back, Terry learned that both Weisinger families in the Dutch Fork were very closely related.? It seems clear that the two immigrants were either brothers or cousins, so Terry regained his Pforzheim ancestry, even though he has a question mark on one or two generations.? Have you had a similar experience?
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