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[quote author=Alleen-Marie (excerpt from reader's email query)]
I am interested in having a mitochondrial DNA study done for purposes of
tracing my female ancestral line.

My mother was a ________ (maiden name withheld)
Her mother was a SKINNER  "
Her mother was a DIMOCK    "
Her mother was a MUNSON  "
Her mother was a WINTERS  "
Her mother was a PHELPS      "
Her mother was a ? PINNEY ?

Do you have any advice for the next step I might take in this process?

Thanks much,

[/quote]Hi Alleen-Marie.  You are more than welcome to do your mtDNA study through the Munson Project.  In fact, you could alternately do it through the Phelps or Penny project, both projects that are managed by World Families Network.  However, Munson is fine.  Over time, we hope to be able to list your mtDNA heritage at each of the surnames that it crosses as it goes back in time.  (There are no projects currently for Hobart or Dimock, so I'll arrange to start them.)

You can use the Munson Project to access the order link, which will assure that you get the group price.  You'll be faced with two choices: a mtDNA test of the HVR1 for $149 or a high resolution mtDNA Plus test of HVR1 and HVR2 at a price of $199.  Either will give you your mateernal ancestry - the mtDNA Plus will focus you on the other test participants who share more recent common ancestry with you - but it still could be prior to the advent of surnames (c1100)

You can post your pedigree at the Munson page.  Just put the woman first in each generation, along with her birth date and place and the man she married.

Hope this helps.  There is more specific info at the World Families Network site (the botton link)

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