Hobbs Surname project - a new project

[quote author=John (excerpt from reader's email query)]Hi, what can you tell me about this project ?  I would be interested in knowing the existing participation level, how long it has been going on, what major Hobbs branches are currently included, etc. Depending on the partition level, I would probably be interested. Thanks, John
[/quote]Hi John, this is a new Surname Project.  It seems it is always hardest to get the first participant.  It is open to all Hobbs families.

I hope that you'll post your pedigree and decide to join the DNA Project.  As the first participant, everyone who follows will be looking at your pedigree and result as they consider their possible matches.

Hobbs Family DNA Project
Variant Surnames: Hobbes, Hobb, Hobson, Hoberson

Terry Barton - terry@bartons.org
Richard Barton - richb@bartons.org

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Regards, Terry