Harrison dna project

[quote author=David (excerpt from reader's email query)]Hello.  Glad to see you are conducting a Harrison surname study.  I have researched the Harrison family for several decades, and would like to try to recruit a male Harrison for testing.  One question, is this.  Although I see the 12 marker results for several individuals on your site, I could not find their lineages anywhere, nor the name of the earliest ancestor.  Am I searching in the wrong places?
[/quote]Hi.  Actually, our goal is to have a pedigree for each family that is participating in the Harrison DNA Project (as well as all of the other projects)  We have just assumed the administration of this project and haven't yet gotten the pedigrees of the families involved.  WE hope that you'll help get the pedigrees coming by posting your family's pedigree.  And, good luck in recruiting a male Harrison to represent your family.

Regards, Terry