Abstract Summaries of Hodges-Hodge info - by locale

I have been compiling every shred or scrap of any record on Barton that exists in Colonial Virginia (and have also gathered a lot of info on the Barton who lived on the Maryland side of the Potomac).  This research approach could be helpful to Hodges-Hodge researchers and I offer it for further consideration.

I use the following columns, with one row for each record:

A. My record number
B. County
C. State
D. Day & Month
E. Year (splitting the date allows me to sort better)
F. Record (A very brief summary of the important information)
G. The Primary individual's first name
H. The surname of the primary individual
I. Other individuals of this family mentioned in the record
J. Source (who holds or published the record, including detailed location info)

Other Columns that may be needed for Hodges-Hodge are Contributor (of the record), Copy Location & Genetic Lineage (when known)

For the Hodges-Hodge Society, I can imagine a focus by state or region.  Here are some of my guesses at useful groupings.  We will need a volunteer (or team) for each collection:

Colonial Connecticut
Colonial Massachusetts
Colonial South Carolina
Colonial Carolina (together - or split by state?)
Early Indiana
Early Kentucky
Early Tennessee

Another way of grouping will be by Genetic Lineage - and I would suggest that this be a secondary grouping. 

What about England & Ireland?  It probably depends on volunteers.

I think we can post electronic copies of our records here - on the Forum.  Another possibility is the new software - TNG, which we are exploring in our business.


ps  I can provide a copy of my Abstract Summary to anyone who is interested.