R1b - British subgroup

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R1b forum?
Anybody know of a forum for discussing issues relating to R1b1c or whatever designation they have or may later come up with for those who appear to have ancient British (or Iberian) ancestry?  If not, could we do that here?

SNP testing?
What is the current state of testing availibility for SNPs for R1b sub-groups?  If it's available/practical now, what critieria determine who could benefit by having it done?  For example, would someone who differs from R1b modal STR values by 3 or more single step differences and 1 or more 2-step differences be a likely candidate for SNP testing?  Or would it more likely depend on having certain values for certain STR markers?

Next Step?
If SNP testing is not yet practical, are there any other steps one can take to refine their ancient ancestral grouping beyond the broad R1b designation.  (i.e., something fun to do while waiting for more testees to join a surname project)

Re: R1b - British subgroup

There is a lot of Y-Haplogroup info linked at:



Re: R1b - British subgroup

I believe the Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype would most likely be R1b1c, as that is the most common subgroup of R1b, although I'm not sure the "c" subgroup-specific modals, if known, would match all the R1b modals.  I can't narrow it down to just a few select marker values either.  For SNPs, M269 is diagnostic of R1b1c (P25 just indicates R1b1 by YCC2005 chart).

Re: R1b - British subgroup

This is a good place for discussing Y haplogroups.? We just need to get traffic over that critical mass needed for responses to come quicker.? You might want to consider turning email notifications on so that you know when people respond to your postings.