Issues with World Families Network Search feature - Post Here

We are constantly working to improve the quality of the results at our Search feature and realize that it is not perfect.? One of our challenges is to keep up to date with the new projects constantly being created.? Another is to list the projects which are being conducted at the various testing companies.? If your project is not listed correctly, or is missing from the Search results, you can let us know by posting a reply on this Thread.? ?

Basic arrangement:

- We'll include a reasonable number of variant spellings in the search database and point each of them to your project.

- We only list projects in the "World Families Network column" when we are providing a website for that project.

- Surname ranks are from the 1990 census.? Please don't ask us to change them.

- FTDNA projects are all pointed to their FTDNA landing page.? (Please list your project site url there instead of asking us to do it at the Search)

- RG &? DNAH projects (and other testing companies which don't provide a landing page) should provide their project surname, variants and the url of their site