yHaplogroup R1b

Haplogroup R1b is the haplogroup of my Father's paternal line (R-U152) and my Mother's paternal line (R-U106) - so I  pay attention to the Haplogroup projects that support us.  Mike W is lead asmin for the Haplogroup R1b - All Subclades.  He recently shared with us a shocking statistic (which I'm sure is already out of date - but it's still illustrative)  He advised on November 19 that there were these quantities of branches on the R1b tree at these key sites:

  • FTDNA - 2,795
  • YFull - 1,091
  • ISOGG - 925

I still remember is the earliest days when there was one branch - "R1b".  We have made a lot of progress in the last 15 years!

So - a couple of thoughts:

1. Check out the yTrees at those sites:

2. Join your Haplogroup Projects

  • Entire branch project.  For me - Haplogroup R1b - All Subclades
  • Specific Branch project(s).  For me, there are several:

    • R-U152 for my Father's paternal line
    • R-U106 for my Mother''s paternal line
    • R-L196 for my Lineage defining SNP 

If your haplogroup is different, use these ideas to track down your own Haplogroup connections.

3. If your project has a Results Page at WorldFamilies - you may now have an idea why there are always some kits where we list "Not Found" in the ISOGG column.


Big Y info

I'm waiting for results of the Big Y from FTDNA and I'm wondering if anybody here does anything with that info. Thanks to earlier SNP testing I'm down to here on the tree:


Mark McHugh

I am totally lost -

I have had mtDNA testing through FTDNA. I am trying to join the Dykes project but I can't seem to find a way into the Dykes group. What am I doing wrong?
JTSwisher - Dykes descendant in Pa.

Rt.Rev Monsignor James Lynch

In my intuition I believe my family can help. in the late 1990's a man came to speak with my GrandMother about this very subject. How should we proceed is an interesting?

Be Well,

Bouchard Project

You have my dna markers in your data base, how can I access the data base? I do not have a test kit no.

Richard Church of Plymouth 1608-1668

I am a direct descendant of Richard Church of Plymouth. I suspect his origin to be Stanford on the Vale, Berkshire, England, christened Richard Church on 24 Sep 1608, son of Richard Church (1570-1623?) and Agnes Hopkins (m.27 Oct 1607), grandson of John (Jhon) and Anne (Ane) m. 12 Nov 1564. All events recorded in the Stanford in the Vale parish records. Those records also cite a Richard Webbe christened on 15 July 1570. A Richard Webb is listed as a co-passenger of Richard of Plymouth in the 1630 Winthrop Fleet and a 1631 letter from Gov. Branford to Gov. Winthrop cites Richard Church as "one of Mr.Webb's men". I am seeking to find an English descendant of the suspected father, grandfather or sibling John (c.28 Nov 1610) for DNA testing.

Posting pedigree on surname patriachs page

The links for submitting lineage for Frey project do not work. Go to blank page. How do I submit:

Joseph Frey b. 1840-1841 Wuerttemburg, d. 1883 Arkansas; m. Martha b. 1832 Wuerttemburg, d. 1903 Arkansas
-- William George Frey b. abt. 1873 Wuerttemburg, d. 1950 Missouri; m. Mary Bernadette Ryan b. 1878 Kentucky, d. 1848 Missouri
---- Charles Andrew Frey b. 1912 Missouri, d. 1987 Ohio; m. Martha Agnes Clark b. 1913 Missouri, d 1978 Missouri
------ Robert Andrew Frey b. 1949 Missouri (FTDNA Kit# 591591)


my DNA test # is B13353, listed in the chart, but no assignment to r1a group.
How do I get that entered to my kit?



Okay I have no clue what this R1b stuff is in our DNA. I am a Norwood, my mother was Sue Jane Norwood. I'm doing my family tree and have my grandfather and great grandfather (both Benjamine I Norwood, Sr. and Jr.). I have an Isaac as a 2x GGF and possibly Asbury Norwood as 3x GGF but can find absolutely nothing and very little on Isaac. Any sites where there's more info than I can get from Ancestory?


R1b Haplogroup Numbers

R1b U106>Z18>Z17>>L257>>Z375

Via YSearch, here are my numbers from my Y-111 testing via FTDNA:


This DNA stuff is all “brand new” to me. I am trying to find my father’s paternal ancestors, so I took FTDNA’s Y-111 test I just started getting results showing in the past few weeks. I still know nothing, about how to interpret any of this information.

Tony Myers
Lakeland, Florida

Big Y and its uses

The best use of BIG Y that I am aware of is by Neil O Myers. He has a BIGY test with ftDNA, as well as an autosomal test there. There are several close BIGY matches that have helped him dig out various matches, deriving from a John Myers b 1712 who married Ann Bruce. I got it all in an email and it was all very impressive.

He has a book on Lulu.com if you want more details(Myers and Neighbors of Jeffrey Creek SC).

I needed his BIGY test to prove that Ross David Myers's terminal ancestor was /not/ related to John Myers/Ann Bruce. It was pretty simple. My dad is a 66/67 match to Ross Myers, and my BIGY is R-BY-15581, which is a R1b descended haplotype, and btw, a first of its kind on Alex Williamson's Big Tree. 

Neil OTOH, has a haplotype descended from R1a. So we're not related.

I will note that a YDNA test from Artie Myers should have been moved into the Myers group recently. He is a direct descendant of William Myers Sr, yes, the patriarch of the Cove Creek Myers of Greene County TN early history. I'm in the Myers group, as is my dad and Ross, so hopefully our bit of the DNA world will attract a little more attention.

Now, one of the issues with YDNA taking you back to Europe is that genetic genealogy is banned in France and Gremany, a side effect of laws banning employers from requiring DNA tests from employees. So these kinds of tests won't get you to Europe directly, but may find unknown cousins and close relations who can.