yHaplogroup R1b

Haplogroup R1b is the haplogroup of my Father's paternal line (R-U152) and my Mother's paternal line (R-U106) - so I  pay attention to the Haplogroup projects that support us.  Mike W is lead asmin for the Haplogroup R1b - All Subclades.  He recently shared with us a shocking statistic (which I'm sure is already out of date - but it's still illustrative)  He advised on November 19 that there were these quantities of branches on the R1b tree at these key sites:

  • FTDNA - 2,795
  • YFull - 1,091
  • ISOGG - 925

I still remember is the earliest days when there was one branch - "R1b".  We have made a lot of progress in the last 15 years!

So - a couple of thoughts:

1. Check out the yTrees at those sites:

2. Join your Haplogroup Projects

  • Entire branch project.  For me - Haplogroup R1b - All Subclades
  • Specific Branch project(s).  For me, there are several:

    • R-U152 for my Father's paternal line
    • R-U106 for my Mother''s paternal line
    • R-L196 for my Lineage defining SNP 

If your haplogroup is different, use these ideas to track down your own Haplogroup connections.

3. If your project has a Results Page at WorldFamilies - you may now have an idea why there are always some kits where we list "Not Found" in the ISOGG column.